A film Festival for Comic and Super hero fans at Santa Fe Comic Con Oct 22-24 2021
Providing a weekend of Film, Celebrity guests, panels, workshops and more!

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Judged by a panel of industry luminaries, the Comics In Film Festival accepts genre-related films in the following categories: Action/Adventure, Animation, Comics-Oriented, Documentary (Pop Culture–Related), Horror/Suspense, Humor, and Science Fiction/Fantasy. Awards and prizes will be given out at Comic-Con, with film screenings all three days of the event.
To qualify as a "genre film" your movie must have at least one (or a combination) of the following themes: horror, fantasy, science-fiction, comic-book, superhero, fan-fiction, animation and parody.

Winners will screen at SANTA FE COMIC CON
Producers and Distributors will be in attendance.

Additional information:
All films will be shown via video projection in a Convention
Center style meeting room, not in a theater. The room seats
approximately 300 people. Preferred format for screening is
DVD, NTSC, Region 1. We cannot accept 35mm films.
If your film is accepted, free 3-day badges
will be granted to those appearing to discuss the film (limit 3)
All scheduling of accepted films is at the discretion of the Festival
programmers. Please do not specify days or timeslots that you
may prefer. Films will be shown during regular daytime hours
of convention and during nighttime programming

By submitting your film on Film Free way you agree to The following:
Filmmaker Representation:
The undersigned hereby certifies that:
(1) he/she is the creator and legal owner of the film;
(2) the film being submitted is in its completed and final form
and will not be changed between now and the time it is shown
at the Comics In Film Festival CIFF
(3) all film content is either original or dully licensed by its
respective owner for use in the submitted film;
(4) all necessary consents, licenses and clearances from any
trademark, copyright or other proprietary interest holder for
content used in the submitted film have been obtained and
provided to CIFF
(5) the undersigned has read, understood and will comply with
the rules relating to the CIFF. The undersigned hereby
indemnifies and agrees to defend CIFF for and against any
third-party claims relating to the submitted film.
Comics In Film Film Festival 2015

In 2015, the Comics In Film Festival
celebrates it’s 3rd year as
a juried event. The jury will consist of
members working in industries related
to filmmaking and the popular arts.
Please read the following carefully.
Some rules have changed from previous
General rules for entry
1. Films submitted should be in one of the following
• Action/Adventure
• Animation
• Comics-oriented
• Documentary
(limited to genre and pop culture topics)
• Horror/Suspense
• Humor
• Science Fiction/Fantasy
2. All films must be appropriate for an all-ages audience or specified to The over 18 slot.
3. All films must be no longer than 95 minutes in length.
4. Films previously submitted
to the CIFF, whether accepted or denied, cannot be entered
5.To be accepted, submitted films must be completely
edited and in their final completed form.
Rough cutsor unfinished material will not be considered. Please do not
submit trailers, test footage or scenes from upcoming films.

6. It is the responsibility of the filmmaker to obtain, in writing,
all necessary consents, licenses and clearances from any
trademark, copyright or other proprietary interest holder
(such as, but not limited to brands, music, characters, etc.)
for content used in the submitted film. A copy of any such
consents, licenses and clearances shall be included with the
submission of the film. By submitting a film, filmmaker licenses
CIFF to screen and otherwise use the film as part of the CIFF

Overall Rating
  • Jim Zounis

    It was a great honour to have my short film accepted and exhibited at this years Comics In Film Festival and Comic Con, Thank you all.

    January 2017
  • We are proud to have been a part of the fest and play in Albuquerque!

    January 2017