Colorado Global Film Festival will only accept Short Films from around the Globe running time must be 7 -12 minutes.Percentage of the submissions fees goes to 4 Charities in Colorado and the "Best Picture/Short Film" winner will win 320k to make a Feature Film in Colorado.

Aurora Warms the Aurora, Co.

The Boulder Bridge Aurora,Co.

LifeSpark Now- Lakewood, Co.

Hope & Home- Colorado Springs, Co.

Awards Ceremonial & Prizes
Red carpet
Meet and Greet
Best Writer award
Best Actor or Actress award
Net work Event
Special guest speaker
Best Director
Best First Time Director
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Young Actor (12-18 years of age)
Best Young Actress (12-18 years of age)
Best Child Actor
Best Child Actress
Best Ensemble Cast
Best Original Score
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Sound Design
Best Original Soundtrack
Best Visual Effects
Best Young Filmmaker
Best Makeup
"GRAND PRIZE of 320,000 goes to Best Picture/Short Film'' to make a Full length Feature Film in Colorado

A.No Nudity
B.No Excessive cursing or foul language.
C.Must be willing to work with Colorado Global Film Festival Team.
D..Short films running time must be between 7 to 12 minutes
E..Must sign release agreements to prevent confusion, misunderstandings & surprises
F..$80 submission fee
G.No Refunds
H.International short films must have sub-title
I. Dress code is very important before entering the Event
J. No fire arm, No weapons
K.Filmmaker must own 100% all the rights and created control of the films
L. The winner of the short festival must provide proof that he or she owns all the rights and created control to the short film.
M. The short film that win the 320k must work with Clay S. Walker the Creator/Founder of Steven Walker Productions,Vzion Entertainment both are located in Colorado & Bullet Entertainment located in Los Angeles,Ca.
Clay Walker Bio:
N. All Films must be submitted in VIMEO with password, DCP or Blue Rate.