Open to student (no entry fee) and seasoned filmmakers both, this intimate festival of short films explores our interior responses to a potentially grim future.

While climate change is frontpage news, in the back pages of our own heads many are mutely frightened. Or they are frustrated. Or numb. Or grieving. Or outraged. Or anxious. Or confused and feeling hopeless. Others may be oddly celebrating a future of climate disorder.

This short-film festival explores the full range of human and artistic response to what may be coming next. Dramatic, comic, hopeful, despairing, surreal, absurdist, satirical, experimental, documentary, animated---what is your take on what's next? Your vision has a home at the Climate Future Film Festival.


TOP OF PAGE: "Looking Through Time" (2005), by Canadian artist Peter Beckett (b. 1956), Oil on canvas, 48" x 36". Image has been digitally stretched and compressed.

Best Film
Best Cinematography
David Fox Imagination Award for Best Direction: $1,000. (Up to 2 will be awarded.)

Entries, including title and credits, must have a run time of 25 or fewer minutes.

No more than two (2) Films by the same filmmaker will be considered in the same Festival year.

Student entries and entries from Rhode Island are FREE until and including the Official Deadline.

Entries must have been completed, final cut, after January 1, 2018. Preference for official selections, as well as for awards, may be given to films completed since January 1, 2021.

Film genres and categories are unrestricted. The Festival welcomes scripted or improvisational fiction, nonfiction, documentary, drama, comedy, experimental, underground, animation, and all other short-form film projects.

Films not in English must contain English subtitles.

Eligible films have no premiere requirements or prior screening restrictions. Entrees may have been screened at other festivals or other public theatrical exhibitions, broadcast or streamed on television or the Internet, and/or released on any home video or other public distribution platform.

By entering your Film, you are AGREEING to these PERMISSIONS:

(1) While YOU reserve all rights and ownership in and to your Film, you are granting to the Festival organizer, Merlyn Educational and Climate Protection Project (a/k/a "Merlyn Climate Grants"), non-exclusive PERMISSION to exhibit your Film at the Climate Future Film Festival, in both a physical venue and/or online and in other media;

(2) You are granting to the Festival organizer non-exclusive PERMISSION to exhibit your Film TRAILER, if provided, and/or brief CLIPS from it or from your Film, without prior notice. This PERMISSION is granted whether the Film is selected for screening at the Festival or not selected. Such clips may appear on the Festival's social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) for the purpose of promoting the Climate Future Film Festival;

(3) You are granting to the Festival organizer non-exclusive PERMISSION to exhibit any images included with your FilmFreeway submission --- excepting images that would typically remain offline (such as a copy of your student I.D., if submitted). Your online privacy is protected;

(4) You are giving your assurance to the Festival organizer that you are the legal and rightful owner of the entered Film and that you own all copyrights to the Film, and that you have the unconditional right to grant the Festival organizer the non-exclusive PERMISSIONS detailed above in numbers 1, 2, and 3.

We look forward to seeing your entry!

-- Climate Future Film Festival