Cinemira International Children's and Youth Film Festival is designed for professionals who are creating films for young audiences. It takes place in the central of the beautiful and exciting Budapest in the autumn. In 2024 Cinemira TEEN and Cinemira KIDS will take place in the fall.

During the festival, we have a competition for short films (live action and animation) from all over the world and a selection of the best feature films for children. We have 6 awards including prize awards.

Cinemira organizes an Industry Forum day where we present a Pitch Forum for tv series and film projects for young audiences. Also, we invite internationally acclaimed professionals to give lectures on how to create relevant content for children.

Cinemira is an interactive film festival, for that, there are animation, filmmaking, make-up, stunt, dance choreography, and casting workshops for children and their families.

Cinemira launches a market where you can find the best books, comics, and posters related to children's films.

Behind the festival, there is the team of the Hungarian Children's Film Academy that develops workshops for children aged 10-18 in the areas of film, television, and new media throughout the year and also produces films for children. Cinemira is a member of the European Children's Film Association (ECFA).

Main Awards (Golden Squirrel)

Best short fiction for children (international)
Best short animation for children (international)
Children's Jury Award for best short Hungarian children's film (national)

Best short fiction for TEEN (international)
Best short animation for TEEN (international)
Youth Jury Award for best short Hungarian film for TEENS (national)

ECFA short film Award Cinemira KIDS (international)

The best film made by high school students (national)

Best Script - Cinemira Film Pitch Award (national)
Best Script - Cinemira Junior Film Pitch Award (national)

In 2023, the Festival awarded a total of nearly 4,000 euros in prize money in 3 competitions

Cinemira International Children's and Youth Film Festival is accepting short live-action, short animation for children and teens made by professionals.

The entry deadlines for CINEMIRA KIDS AND TEEN are
EARLY BIRD: 15th OF MARCH, 2024.

Cinemira is held in Budapest, Hungary.


Competition sections

a. International Competition of Short Animated films for Children (separately for 4-6,7-9, 10-14 years old)

b.International Competition of Short Live-action films for Children (separately for 7-9, 10-14 years old)

c, International Competition of Short Animated Films for Teens (14-19 years old)

d, International Competition of Short Live-Action Films for Teens (14-19 years old)

e, National competition of best screenplay for children

f, National competition of best series script for children and youth

g, National competition of films made by high school children

Panorama Sections

Outstanding international Feature-length film for children (BY INVITATION ONLY)
Retrospective Hungarian films


Only works with a release date after January 1, 2022, will be allowed to participate in the competitive sections.

Cinemira KIDS: Short films of up to a maximum of 10 or 15 minutes in length can participate in the competitions in the KIDS section.

Cinemira TEEN: short films of a maximum of 20 minutes in length can participate in the competitions in the TEEN section. Films made by high school students category: films of a maximum of 7 minutes in length can participate in this category.
We cannot accept films that exceeds the prescribed length.

In order to have a film screened at the Festival, it is necessary to fill in the application form at

The organizer will inform the applicants of their acceptance in writing by no later than the 5th of September, 2024.


Short films and student films included in the competition are accepted only in the formats Quicktime H.264 HD that can be uploaded at the online application.


Competing films must be provided with English subtitles by the applicant. Other competing films are screened in their original version with English subtitles and at the same time with Hungarian subtitles provided by the organizer.


Copies of invited films must be sent to the organizer by 30th of September, 2024 through file senders to the following email address:

By accepting to be part of the Cinemira's competition program the authors give the right to the organizers of Cinemira International Children's and Youth Film Festival to screen his/her film as part of Cinemira's program or "Cinemira's Best of" in-between October 2024- October 2025.

Overall Rating
  • Awesome festival! Thank you for including my short in your programme!

    October 2023
  • ali keyvan

    I am happy that my film was shown in your festival; Thank you for giving me this opportunity to have more audience for my film.

    October 2023
  • Sandra Moser

    Thanks for this great experience! Happy that our Short MARIPOSA was a part of this valuable children's film festival!

    November 2021
  • Tamás Rebák

    The festival was great and all the members were friendly and kind, thank you for the selection!

    October 2021
  • Gabriela Clar

    I sadly wasn't able to attend, but the communication with the festival was great, and I am very grateful my Film was part of this event.

    April 2019