CinemadaMare is an international and travelling film festival. At its 16th edition, the Festival is scheduled to be held from late-June to September – it actually lasts 12 weeks!
Since 2003 CinemadaMare has been hosting every year over 300 filmmakers from over 65 countries around the world. It has screened houndreds of films in the most beautiful italian cities and represents the longest cinema journey (5200 km) across Italy from north to south.
As a result CinemadaMare has become the biggest gathering of young filmmakers in the world.

The filmmakers are hosted for free throughout the festival. They are divided in crews and shot their films during the festival. Each stage lasts one week and takes place in an Italian city. In this way the filmmakers make the film and have the chance not only to work together with the local people but also to learn the history and the art of many Italian places. This event is not about only one city or region but it moves around – like a gypsy caravan – equipped with its most precious luggage: 100 filmmakers who move from a place to another. They are almost one hundred for each stage given that their attendace to CinemadaMare runs from 3 weeks minimum to 12 weeks maximum. So they alternate and reach the number of 300 every year.

After signing up, the filmmakers are selected and benefit from the accomodation provided by the festival: free attendance, free overnight stay, free travels from a place to another. All festival activities are free as well. Round trip and food are not free of charge.

Since 2003 CinemadaMare has seen a huge growth. There are more and more filmmakers coming here and the number of the regions involved has increased: Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Lazio, Apulia, Abruzzo, Liguria, Sardinia, Sicily, Tuscany, Marche, Piedmont, Aosta Valley and Veneto.

That is why CinemadaMare is unique: a cultural and artistic experience who turns summer into a big travelling festival across Italy. Moreover it is all free!

The winning filmmakers will be given a real internships database and scolarships. Our official partner universities and schools all over the world will give to one or more winners a number of scholarships related to contemporary cinematography: directing, acting, scriptwriting and editing in Italian, English, French and Arab. We have selected 35 scholarships from the top universities in the world which the winners will choose following this rule: the winner of the first prize will choose his or her scholarship among the 35 provided, the second one will choose among 34 and so on.
In addition to scholarships, CinemadaMare partner Grimaldi Lines offer Argo CinemadaMare: the winning filmmaker will stay 40 days on a Cargo ship and will have the chance to travel around the world and shoot movies.

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