Cinema Talks is an innovative, young film festival, which took place in September 2019 for the first time. This year the festival has entered the next round! From November 26th – 29th 2020 up to 30 national and international short films will be presented. Afterwards, the films will be discussed with invited speakers, giving the audience an understanding of the subject matter of the films and the art of filmmaking. Through the emerging discussions between the speakers, the filmmakers, the artists and the audience, the cinematic experience is redefined.

All submitted films are divided into four categories:
Social, Entertainment, Inspiration and Innovation.
For each of these categories, a suitable speaker is selected, who will conduct a 10-minute “Cinema Talk” with the filmmakers and the audience.

The festival offers a unique opportunity to newcomers and freelance filmmakers to introduce themselves and their project, regardless of their salary class. The festival intends to guarantee a platform for new ideas of creative minds and film enthusiasts.

There is one winning film selected by the jury for each category (Social, Entertainment, Inspiration and Innovation). Out of these four winning films, one film will be awarded with the festival price and will be the winner of the entire festival. You can win price money in the range of 300€ to 800€. In the category Movieslam, the audience will decide who receives the award.

FOR THE FINAL SCREENING FILE ALL MOVIES HAVE TO BE IN ENGLISH OR HAVE ENGLISH SUBTITLES. (Except for the Movieslam: Films have to be in German or have german subtitles)

1. Generally
1.1. Registration for Cinema Talks Film Festival requires full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and all of its regulations.
1.2.All types of short films are admitted to the competition if they have been produced independently by a client, can be assigned to one of the four categories (entertainment / innovation / social / inspiration / Movie-Slam) and meet the other conditions of participation.
1.3.The film must not exceed a total length (with end credits) of 35 minutes.
1.4.For the viewing the movie must be in english or german or have english or german subtitles. For the final Screening file the film must have branded subtitles in english. (Exception Movieslam: German or german subtitles are required)
1.5. The film must have been completed after 01.01.2017.
1.6. All for the current program (except Movie-Slam) of Cinema Talks selected films take part in the Cinema Talks 2020 competition.

2. Submission
2.1.Deadline Cinema Talks 2020: 01.03.2020 - 01.06.2020 (23:59)
2.2.Submission can only be considered if all required documents (Viewing link + submission form) arrive on time ( before 01.06.2020, 23:59). The submission is made via online form via (only national) or
2.3.Unfortunately, no submissions that reach us via the postal service can be considered. We only accept online submissions and only these will be considered.
2.4.Any erroneous registration (incomplete, incorrect, etc.), any submission that violates public policy or morality or arrives after the submission deadline will not be considered. Wrong or incomplete information leads to the immediate exclusion of the submission.
2.5.The Cinema Talks 2020 program selection notice will be received by the end of August 2020 at the latest.
2.6.If the film is selected for the festival, it must be sent to the organizers in DCP format till the 20.09.2020.
2.7.Cinema Talks 2020 is charging a entry fee between 0-5€ (depending on date of entry) for international movies. Movies with relation to Austria are free. Entry fees are nonrefundable.

3. Categories
3.1.Categorie entertainment
Films in this category should catch the viewers’ attention with good stories and strong emotions. Comedies as well as thrillers and action films can be submitted in this category.
3.2.Category Innovation:
In this category, films that dare to experiment can be submitted. Films in this category should convey new ideas and try experimental implementations.
3.3.Category Inspiration:
Films that motivate and have a lasting impact can be submitted in this category. Films in this category should fascinate and inspire. It’s suitable for everyone who is open for new inspiring thoughts.
3.4.Category Social:
In this category, films that highlight social problems and challenges can be submitted. Films in this category should reflect today’s society and encourage a critical discourse.
3.5.Category Movie-Slam
In the movie-slam category films can be submitted that are not longer than 7 minutes. Also one of the filmmakers has to be present at the screening in Graz, Austria.

4. Rights of usage
4.1.The submitter expressly agrees that excerpts from his / her film as well as the additional and pictorial materials for the promotion of the film or festival may be used by the organizers and submitted online via various platforms (Website , Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) may be published.
4.2.Cinema Talks does not pay any screening fees. The submitter refrains from withdrawing the submission of his / her film.
4.3.The Submitter agrees to archive the preview copies of Cinema Talks (however, commercial use by the Performers is not intended or permitted outside the Festival).
4.4.The submitter declares to be authorized to exercise all rights to the submitted film through the rights granted to the work, or by the authors and beneficiaries involved in the film or whose works are used in the film and to transfer these to third parties and are responsible to the organizer for these rights. Should third-party rights be violated as a result of the public performance of the submitted entry, the submitter shall release the organizer from all third-party claims and any claims for damages asserted against the organizer will be accepted by the submitters.

5. Other rights
5.1.The organizers reserve the right to enter the competition or the festival to circumcise, extend, amend or cancel, if circumstances require or force majeure. It can not be held responsible.
5.2.The organisers reserve the right to disqualify the movie from the programm, if filmmakers violate the rules & terms and do not react to a warning via email.
5.3.Additions to these Terms of Use shall be in writing and may be agreed between the organizers and the submitters throughout the course of Cinema Talks.

6. Data protection
6.1.By participating, I acknowledge that the name and personal details of the submitter (s) are captured digitally for internal communication purposes and are transmitted via e.g. Mail server may be processed. Furthermore, the director / director agrees that her photo may be published to promote the festival (program, website, ...). This consent may be revoked at any time for any use from that date onwards.

7. Contact
Natalie Pinter
E-Mail: Tel.: +43 699 106 875 87

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  • Danielle Bouteille

    This is a really fine film festival!

    November 2019