We are happy to welcome you to our 2nd edition of Cinema Nahualli!

For over 17 years Nahualli Gallery has promoted art in its different forms, such as drawing, sculpture, painting, music and film, being one of the most important places for the culture in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Cinema Nahualli is the annual film program to showcase the most talented film makers and visual artists who are working on the area, offering the opportunity to screen their artwork and generating a discussion around cinema and contemporary life.

If you are selected, your film will be screen at Nahualli Gallery and 2 other secret locations in Mérida, Yucatán.

Also, you will be considered to win one of the 3 Nahualli Statuette for the first 3 places, based on the criteria of our distinguished Jury Team.

To motivate creators and Film Makers and promote cinema, Nahualli Gallery will Select the 3 best films of the Festival and reward them with a special prize designed by two of the resident artists of the Gallery: Melva Medina and Abel Vázquez.

1st Place
Marble Statuette designed by the artist Melva Medina

2nd Place
Marble Statuette designed by the artist Abel Vázquez

3rd Place
Marble Statuette designed by the artist Melva Medina

Jury members can also give some "Honorific Mention" for the quality in form and speech of certain films 📽

Selección Yucatán
We open the invitation to film makers and visual artists from around the world whose projects portrait the traditions and cultural life on the mayan territory.
We are looking for the most creative and honest works to become part of the Official Selection, it can be documentary, fictional, experimental films, video art, music videos, film essay, but the main theme must be close to the life and culture of the Yucatan Peninsula.

On the event of being selected, spanish subtitles must be recquired to screen your film.

Selección Mexicana
This category is for Mexican film makers and visual artists. You are welcome to submit as much films as you want as long as they portrait a Mexican reality.

Selección Internacional
Film Makers and Content Creators from around the world are welcome to submit their films to be part of the festival with a special category dedicated to international storytellers.

Some of the Subjects Nahualli Gallery would be happier to screen:

Traditional Process and Jobs
Human Rights
Art and Culture
Land and Nature
Climate Change

Overall Rating
  • agradecido con el equipo de este gran festival que le dio espacio a mis dos cortos "Lejos de mi pueblo" y "Uno con el viento".
    y por la mención honorífica de "Mejor guión" para "Lejos de mi pueblo" .
    emocionado de poder participar en las próximas ediciones

    March 2023
  • Fidela Cisneros

    Un festival de excelente calidad y en un precioso lugar. A pesar de que no pudimos asistir personalmente, estuvimos en constante comunicación y tuvimos total atención de los organizadores antes, durante y al término del festival. Ojalá tengamos la oportunidad de volver a formar parte en sus siguientes ediciones. MIL GRACIAS.

    February 2023
  • Randa Ali

    An excellent festival run by a truly passionate and generous team. It was an honor screening Kingdom of Strangers in their festival and for it to win an award! Thank you Cinema Nahualli <3

    February 2023
  • Jacques BONNAVENT

    Gracias por el premio que nos otorgaron y que vengan muchas ediciones más de este festival. Saludos!

    February 2023
  • Pol Diggler

    Muy buen festival con una gran comunicación! Una lástima no haber podido asistir en persona. Espero que cumplan muchas ediciones!

    February 2023