Cinema Interdit Festival, derived from the eponymous program by Azz l'épouvantail, aims to screen and discover independent, unknown, extreme, sometimes deviant horror cinema, works that have experienced distribution difficulties.

Some of the feature films offered in our selection may never again be shown on the big screen in France, or even in Europe!

From 2024:

Best Film Award (chosen by a Jury)
Craziest Film Award (chosen by a jury)
Audience Award (chosen by the audience)


1. The objective of "Cinema Interdit" is to highlight horror, extreme, independent, deviant cinema, subject to censorship, and works from all over the world, from young talented filmmakers.

2. The 2rd edition of Cinema Interdit will take place from May 31 to June 2 in Paris (France).


3. The deadline is Tuesday, April 30, 2024

4. Selection will be announced at the beginning of may 2024.

5. Once submitted a movie cannot be removed.

6. The submission must be before Tuesday 30 of April 2024. It must contain:
- Film title;
- Running time;
- Country;
- Production end date;
- Director's name;
- Production company's name;
- Poster in HD;
- A synopsis in French or English;
- A minimum of two promotional images in HD;
- A link to the movie in HD password protected or not ;

7. Only movies (features films) of genre science-fiction, horror, thriller, gore, erotic, or fantasy will be selected. We can make an exception for "very strange" films that are difficult to classify in a genre.

8.Production date: must not be dated before 2020. If dated before 2023, must not have been screened in France; even better if it was not screened in Europe. . Minimum running time is 60 minutes, including credits.

9. Movies must be in O.V. If the spoken language is other than French, then subtitles in French or English must be provided (even if the spoken language is English).

10. If submitting more than one film, a separate completed entry is required for each title.

11. Movies enter in competition for Best Film Award, Craziest Film Award and Audience Award.


12. Selected movies must be sent DCP format or Bluray Format.

13. The (go and return) transport of the films will be at the charge, risks and perils of the participants.


14. The festival does not cover the expenses related to transport, accommodation or stay of the guests related to selected movies.
Nevertheless, the festival commits to offer a pass giving access to all screening to the director if he/she attends the festival.


16. The festival will not purchase any insurance for the loss, the theft or the damage of the selected films' copies, whether during their carriage, storage or screening.


17. The participants allow Cinema Interdit to use screenshots for promotional purposes. They also allow Cinema Interdit to reproduce a sample, not exceeding 2 minutes, that can be broadcast for promotional purposes on television or on the internet or that can be used to create a teaser.


18. The participation to the festival implies your commitment to the current rules. In case of conflict, only the French version of this regulation will count and only the French Court of First Instance will be competent.

All submissions not respecting those terms will be rejected.