Cinema Shots is a new South-London initiative to bring independent London filmmakers together, give them a chance to showcase their short films and network. At every event we will screen several short films, have Q&A with their creators and finish the evening with drinks and networking.

- Short films can be of any genre
- Not longer than 15 minutes
- Not older than 12 months
- London-based filmmaker
- Being able to attend the event. If not please do not submit.

*submission fees are non-refundable

Overall Rating
  • CineShots screened our comic short ‘Making A Killing’ on 5th November. The venue was accessible and a fantastic space to screen and discuss short film. The event was professionally curated and the program was well judged, diverse and engaging throughout. Quality time was given over to filmmaker interviews and Q&A and the course of questioning made the sessions more insightful than most. While the large number of showcase events and the high volume of circulating content can often make for a hit-or-miss affair, CineShots was well worth the journey to Streatham Hill.

    November 2019
  • Brilliant Festival for short films looking for an audience. An amazing filmmaking team behind the event, well worth the submission fee! Thank you CineShots!

    November 2019
  • Dori Balczo

    The event had a supportive atmosphere which I appreciate greatly in an otherwise competitive industry. I'd like to give 10 stars for that. There were however very few people attending the event - in October at least - who were not the filmmakers themselves. Also the standard of the films in my opinion were not very high. It was an interesting selection of films and I think it's wonderful that CineShots gives an opportunity for zero budget / indie films to be screened - like they selected my film - but that comes with the risk of watching films after films without remembering any of them a day after. (Quite possibly including my film.) I would definitely recommend filmmakers to submit their film as it's a very rewarding and challenging experience at the same time to represent your work in front of an audience. Again, the organisers are very supportive and warm-hearted people who are film makers themselves and are able to have an open and sincere conversation about your film, not just a generic, empty chit-chat. Respect the vibe and keep CineShots a collaborative and supportive film hub! Raise the standard, raise the number!

    November 2019
  • Katarzyna Kwaśniewska

    A fantastic event all around. A very welcoming atmosphere, a lovely venue, and event organisation represents a very high standard. The Q&As are an amazing addition, as you get to learn from other filmmakers, and the questions asked are incredibly thoughtful. A perfect place to screen your film for London filmmakers!

    October 2019
  • Great event with live screenings and networking! Will submit and visit again!

    October 2019