- Covid-19 Update -
We have currently paused all entries as we are still unsure when it will be safe to have another event.
Everyone who has submitted in the last round will be considered for our next installment and we are hoping that once we get out of these peculiar times we will all have a pile of scripts to shoot.
Stay safe, stay inside and catch up on all the classics everyone's been telling you "What do you mean you haven't seen that one yet?!"

Cinema Shots is a new South-London initiative to bring independent London filmmakers together, give them a chance to showcase their short films and network. At every event we will screen several short films, have Q&A with their creators and finish the evening with drinks and networking.

- Short films can be of any genre
- Not longer than 15 minutes
- Not older than 12 months
- London-based filmmaker
- Being able to attend the event. If not please do not submit.

*submission fees are non-refundable

Overall Rating
  • Ed Picard

    Cineshot is a great festival. I was really glad to have my film screened there. The selection was really enjoyable and the Q&A after the screening was really interesting. I highly recommend Cineshots!

    March 2020
  • I really loved attending the festival - even though I ended up attending on my own (which I dread!) the atmosphere was very friendly and the organisers and fellow filmmakers alike were extraordinarily supportive and genuinely engaged and interested in the films which were screened. The organisers take the trouble to have a well thought-through Q&A with intelligent questions and useful discussion, handled well so that each filmmaker had the chance to talk about their film. And then some time for questions from the audience, too. The films were eclectic, including drama, animation, documentary and a fashion film and made on a variety of budgets. The venue was a hop-and-a-skip from the tube, bright, modern, clean and a pleasure to spend time in with a nice bar area with tables and sofas. If I hadn't had to rush off to grab a tube I would have stayed and chatted for far longer! Thankyou Cineshots - a very inspiring and enjoyable evening.

    March 2020
  • I was so pleased to have my short film You Have A New Follower accepted by Cineshots. They are an independent filmmakers themselves and are running the screenings as a means to promote other creative people. The evening itself screened a diverse and imaginative set of short films. I felt privileged to see my film on a big screen at a great venue such as the Streatham Space Project. I would recommend Cineshots and the talented people running it to all who qualify. I very much look forward to going back there.

    March 2020

    We were super stroked to have our film screened at CineShots! Amazing festival, clear communication, would love to come back someday! Thanks guys!

    February 2020
  • Itunu Olowo

    Will definitely be submitting and attending again. Absolutely loved the evening of film that they proposed. The organizers were very passionate and considerate. Thank you so much!

    December 2019