Before submitting, please note that this is a Palestinian film festival. If your film does not relate to this theme, it will automatically be rejected.

Ciné-Palestine Toulouse Occitanie is a non-competitive festival which includes every year :
▪ an audience of over 3800 people
▪ 53 screenings
▪ 32 films (features, documentaries and short films)
▪ 29 cinemas including the prestigious Cinémathèque of Toulouse, and 12 cities in the region
▪ 25 local and international guests
▪ master-classes with the students

Ciné-Palestine Toulouse Occitanie highlights extraordinary Palestinian stories through the filmmakers' distinctive point of view and new ways of telling the story of Palestine and/or its diaspora.

This call for applications is looking for films in two distinct categories:
▪ Feature films (narrative, documentary and animation): These films are selected based on their artistic quality in addition to their impact on political and cultural news.
▪ Short films (narrative, documentary and animation): this section explores the works of established filmmakers but also of rising artists whose talent and inventiveness deserve wider distribution.

Ciné-Palestine Toulouse Occitanie returns for the 10th edition which will take place from March, 4th to 12th, 2024

1) Eligibility
▪Films by a Palestinian director (documentary, fiction, animation),
▪ Fims by non-Palestinian director, with a theme/subject about Palestine and/or its diaspora,
▪ Finished after Jan., 1st 2021.

2) Submission Deadline
Last call for submitting films is 20th, October, 2023.
Work in progress is accepted but the final cut must to be sent before 30th November 2023.

3) Premiere Status
The festival does not require any premiere status, but gives priority to films that have not been shown in the Occitanie region.

4) Submission fees
Submission is free.

If you have any question about the festival or the submission rules, please do not hesitate to contact us via :