One of the most profound changes over the course of the past years is the way in which audiences have been able to experience art. The closure of cinemas especially has left a hole in the heart of shared social experience, the incommunicable connections that are generated between viewer and screen severed somewhat in the solitariness of our homes. We here at Cine al patio hope to reestablish those relationships with a programme that is dedicated to new ways of experiencing the world.

Cine al patio presents regular selections of short films in the unique setting of La Casa del Árbol Cultural Centre in the heart of Buenos Aires. Our screenings take place in a relaxed atmosphere, catered to an audience eager to experience high-level artistic content from a variety of culture and genres.

We are interested in receiving entries from all manner of fields, be it fiction or documentary, experimental or narrative, live-action or animated, or perhaps a combination of these.

The winner of the audience vote will win a digital poster that has been created especially by our award-winning graphic-design team.

The aim of Cine al patio is to ultimately connect audiences through a shared love of cinema, to reconcile people through the power of stories told over a mere matter of minutes.

We very much hope that you’ll share that experience with us.

The winning short film, chosen by our audience, will win a digital poster of their film.

The selected films will receive a screening fee.

- We encourage filmmakers to submit works up to 20 minutes in length.
- We will consider submission letters and director's statements.
- All fees will be used to cover administrative costs and are not refundable. Email us if this is a real impediment for your submission.
- By submitting, the participant declares to be responsible for any legal rights requirements releasing the festival from any legal claims, liabilities and damages.