Hi everyone! We are in our 8th Season of monthly family friendly Christian Film Festivals (CFFs) on the 4th Saturday of each month! Our next monthly film festival is 24 June 2023 and it will be our 60th CFF! We have done 58 monthly Christian Film Festivals! We limit the amount of films in each festival to about 15 + / - depending on length to ensure every film is shown, and that gives everyone the best chance for awards. We schedule films based on the date they are accepted, so the sooner you enter and are accepted the sooner you get scheduled! We only accept, screen, and recognize family friendly films and scripts because our CFF has kids in our audience each month! We treat each entry like it was our own - we have been ranked in the top 100 film festivals by FilmFreeway 13 times, including #9 out of over 6,000 film festivals in the world in April 2018!

The Christian Film Festival (CFF) is a monthly film festival located in Newport News, VA, USA! It is held on the fourth Saturday of each month! The purpose of the Christian Film Festival is to showcase Christian movies, music videos, cartoons, documentaries, educational films, music videos, soundtracks, pictures, and scripts, recognize the people who made them happen, and encourage others to make more!

We try and limit each CFF to 3 max of each type of entry (like 3 max short films and 3 max mini-films etc.) so everyone has the best chance for awards - if you get bumped to a later CFF no issues it is because we want you have the best chance for awards!!

Just sign up, send us a screen shot or poster, the link to your trailer and movie, we will post the screen shot or poster to our Facebook page, and then join us on the last Saturday of each month at Menchville Baptist Church in Newport News, VA to enjoy the shows, fellowship, and win awards.

The categories you can enter to win awards are feature film (45 minutes and over), short film (15-44 minutes), mini film (less than 15 minutes), web series, animation/cartoon, student, advertisement, documentary, educational, music video, soundtrack/score, song, web series, and script/screenplay.

The address for the film festival is 248 Menchville Road Newport News VA 23602.

You don't need to buy or bring tickets - the CFF is free.

You don't need to come to the CFF to win awards we e-mail everyone their digital awards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you do decide to come to a CFF we will print out one of your award certs and do a presentation photo in front of our CFF backdrop for your Facebook page!

This is a no drama no stress film festival designed for first and second time Christian writers and film makers and is designed to have their work shown, recognize them with an award and an award photo for their Facebook page or website, and give them a chance to practice their speech at a podium and microphone in front of a live audience of at least 2 people the Director and photographer. We do not have a red carpet, contracts signing, or any professionals involved in this film festival that all comes later in their careers this is step 1. Hope you enjoy it!

The Director of the Christian Film Festival is Richard Collins, an award-winning Christian author and filmmaker whose first 3D animated adventure, 'Raegan and RJ in Space: First to Mars' won BEST ANIMATION at the Christian Georgia Film Festival on 20 August 2022, BEST ANIMATION at the Georgia Online Film Festival on 30 November 2021, BEST ANIMATION GOLD award at the Christian Family Film Festival in Ellington NY on 6 August 2017, BEST ANIMATION award at the CHRISTIAN CINEMAFEST on 18 February 2018, and was selected for, and shown at the Faith Film Festival in MT Juliet Tennessee on 17 Oct 2015, the Christian Worldview Film Festival in San Antonio Texas on 14 March 2016, the Big Cross Film Festival in Los Angeles CA on 9 Nov 2016, and the HIS Film Festival in FT Lauderhill FL on 21 April 2017! The graphic novel adaptation of this award-winning animated adventure won a Readersfavorite book award in 2016! Richard Collins has also won many book awards for his Christian kids graphic novel series 'Raegan and RJ in Space'! Most recently he published a FREE App Game for iPhone, iPad, and Android called 'Raegan and RJ's Space Adventure!' for kids to enjoy! He is now working on the first run of Raegan and RJ action figures!

Charities! The CFF gives a portion of every entry fee to charity! So far we gave $430 to Charities! if you enter the CFF you are helping Christian Charities!

We have an IMDB page for the Christian Film Festival! If you are a CFF award winner you can add your award credits to your IMDB pages here is the link -

We have a T-shirt shop set up online so CFF award winners can order an award winner T-shirt that you can wear around the set or recording studio to let everyone know you are #1 when it comes to family friendly entertainment here is the link -

If you do not like to travel, we also have an 'Christian Online Film Festival (COLFF)' set up through FilmFreeway with the exact same rules and award laurels! Here is the link: https://filmfreeway.com/festival/ChristianOnlineFilmFestival
The COLFF is conducted on the 3rd Saturday of each month and is done entirely online at our Facebook page. If you have never entered a film festival before the COLFF is a good introduction and a way to experience a contest and get film festival awards without alot of expense or drama, because it is 100% on line at our Facebook Page. So please consider that one also.

1. Digital Award Laurels for all award winners: The digital award laurels you can win are best feature film (45 minutes and over), best short film (15-44 minutes), best mini film (less than 15 minutes), best animated film/cartoon, student, documentary, educational, foreign film, music video, advertisement, song, soundtrack / score, script, best director, best producer, best female lead and supporting actor, best male lead and supporting actor, best teen lead and supporting actress, best teen and supporting actor, best child lead and supporting actress, best child lead and supporting actor, best soundtrack / score / song, and best web series.

2. Digital Award Certificates for all award winners

3. Digital Award Poster for all award winners.

All entries are eligible for all awards. Each entry is evaluated by the Director and staff and awarded CFF awards based on its own merits, so more than one film could receive the same award - ie two films could have a BEST ACTRESS award, etc. We do not categorize awards, which means there is only BEST ACTRESS award not BEST ACTRESS in a FEATURE FILM, BEST ACTRESS in a SHORT FILM, or BEST ACTRESS GOLD, BEST ACTRESS SILVER, BEST ACTRESS BRONZE, etc. etc. There is just BEST ACTRESS and none, 1, or 10 actresses could get it in a given month. Same with all the award categories - ie 6 girls could get BEST ACTRESS CHILD or BEST ACTRESS TEEN, or 1 could get it, or none. So if you are an actress in a Feature Film and you do an award winning performance for that month you will 'share' the same BEST ACTRESS award with the actress who did an award winning performance in the Short Film category. You get separate award certs and all but it is still just BEST ACTRESS. We have thought about changing it and categorizing like many award contests do, including the Oscars, but a BEST ACTRESS is a BEST ACRESS regardless of whether she was in a Feature Film or Short Film, and it wasn't her fault she was in a short film versus a feature film. Each entry usually wins at least one award, but there is no guarantee of an award for each entry because this is a contest. All decisions by the Director as to awards and the month your entry in the CFF is shown are final.

Rules: If you own or have produced a Christian movie, cartoon, script, educational film, student film, advertisement, documentary, song, soundtrack/score, or music video, and own the rights to it, you can pay the fee and enter the film festival. It can be new or old, shown or not shown, so there is no requirement like that. After your payment is processed just send us a link to your video and trailer. Once your fee is processed, you will be in the festival, and we we will post the picture to our Facebook page and web site, Show up at our church on the day of the festival and watch the shows, enjoy the fellowship, and win awards.

Entering the CFF means you agree with these terms: After you enter the monthly film festival the Director will e-mail you with the month that your entry will be shown. Just because you entered the film festival in one month does not guarantee your entry will be shown that month because we try to limit the amount of each entry type (feature film, short film, script, etc) to 3 max for each monthly CFF so that each entry has the max opportunity for awards.

If your film or script is not accepted into the CFF for any reason we will process a refund. Do not take rejection personally it is what we have to do - the entry standards are very clear they have to be G rated and 'family friendly' and IAW a conservative Christian world-view because there are kids in the audience, ie you can't show an R rated film to 5 year olds it is against the law. Also we KNOW the Bible has some parts that are not family friendly we have read it - but that does not mean we are going to show or read inappropriate material to little kids - so when your entry is rejected don't tell us 'it is in the Bible' that makes no difference. If your entry gets rejected it is usually for that reason. So just take out the parts that are not age appropriate and resubmit it and it may get accepted. A lot of people don't understand the purpose of a 'family friendly' Christian film festival and get upset when their entry is rejected because it is not 'appropriate' even though they are Christian and their entry is Christian. For example, If you are a hard hitting Christian documentary maker and you bust into an clinic where horrible things are happening and film the women and the procedures before you are arrested and that is your documentary guess what that documentary is getting rejected that is NOT APPROPRIATE for a G rated 'family friendly' film festival for a whole number of reasons so don't even bother submitting it and wasting everyone's time. What you did may have value and we are not judging what you did and why but it is not going to be in a family friendly film festival. Most topics and stories can be told in a 'family friendly' way you just have to be careful how you do it!


This is a Christian Film Festival and only films and scripts that reflect a conservative Christian biblical world view and contain no inappropriate subject matter, language or nudity will be accepted. This is because children sometimes are in our entries and watch and attend the monthly CFF so all entries have to be age appropriate. Christian Film Festival reserves the right to reject any film that contains inappropriate material or would be offensive in this family friendly environment.

Overall Rating
  • Nongolo Muteto

    What a wonderful experience! It was such an honor to be among the wonderful films and to have my short animated video Tuxedo Praise ™ chosen for the Best Animation and Best for kids Awards. Also an honor to have my song ‘I am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made’ chosen for the "Best song" Award. So humbled!
    The CFF Team were very welcoming and outstanding in their communication through out the festival Thank you again for having our films in your program.

    December 2022
  • Thank you for accepting our film Bon Appétit ! and for receiving so many awards. We’re grateful for the opportunity.

    December 2022
  • Emily Giuffre

    Thank you CFF! A wonderful festival and enjoyed learning about the other award winners :) Keep up the great work!

    December 2022
  • Very polite and very faithful to what they say they do. Definitely recommend if you are looking for a place to start filmmaking

    December 2022
  • Ellie Mae Smith

    Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your amazing festival! We appreciate this platform to be artists, and share our dreams.
    Ellie Mae Smith

    December 2022