The Festival is held among children’s/youth television, animation, cinema- and radio studios, clubs, groups and individual authors, television and radio broadcasters and creative production entities, directors and producers’ centres, which produce programmes and films for children and youth.

The following nominations are provided by the competitive program of the Festival:

І. International competition programme

ІІ. National competition programme:

The Festival is conducted annually in two stages. The first stage is called selective. During this stage the Organizing Committee of the Festival reviews works beforehand, which were sent to the Festival and selects those of them which will participate in the second stage. The second stage is called final, in terms of which program events of the festival are conducted. They include demonstration show, presentations, master classes, trainings, creative meetings, conferences and panel discussions.

The Festival mission is to find and support children’s/youth studios and clubs, which are engaged in cinema and television creativity, talented children; development of the children’s/youth cinema and television in Ukraine.

The Festival objectives are:

– the establishment and development of contacts between children’s/youth studios, experience exchange and further professional development of the participants;

– communication to the general public of interesting, outstanding works and projects from different countries, presentation of the best global practices in the development of children’s/youth cinema and television industry;

– the setup of creative and communication platforms to exchange experience and present new projects during the Festival and between the Festival times;

– creative personal development, education of moral values and social activism;

– drawing attention of governmental, non-governmental organizations and commercial entities to the issues of the development of screen children’s/youth creativity, to the processes of personality forming via receiving information broadcast by electronic mass media, to the needs of children’s/youth creative clubs, the development of talented children and their future.

Professional jury determines one winner per Festival nomination within their competence. In nomination “The Prize for creative approach and originality of creative task performance” the professional jury identifies two best works.

Festival has a honor to award the CIFEJ Prize (prize of the International center of films for children and youth).

After reviewing the works, selected under the competition programme of the Festival, the jury also awards prizes in the following nominations:

– Special Jury Prize;

– Best Director;

– Best Cameraman;

– Best TV host(ess);

– Best TV journalist;

– Best Actor(ess).

The President of the Festival is entitled during the awarding ceremony to give an encouraging award – President’s Cup.

The Jury, partners and sponsors of the Festival can establish their special prizes in any nomination.

Only works created in the festival year and also throughout the year, which precedes the festival one but only those, which, due to the certain reasons, did not get to participate in the program of the previous Festival can participate in it.

Works, submitted for participation in the Festival should have English subtitles (except for works in English and works that have voice-over or English dubbing-in).

Up to four individuals from the circle of the authors or their authorized person (one adult and three children) can present selected works for participation in the second stage of the Festival.

The Organizing Committee selects, forms and shows in special Festival programs live action, documental, animation and other films, television programs, cycluses, retrospectives created in any country of the world.

The participation in the nominations is free of charge. The participant of the Festival pays independently all charges related to sending the materials for the participation in the Festival, travel expenses to the place of the Festival and return trip.

Works which are sent to the Festival are not refereed. After conducting events of the Festival materials are not returned to the authors. They become a part of the Festival database.

The organizing committee is entitled to show competition and out-of-competition works of the Festival at the events, held by the organizing committee of the Festival (at the location of the festival, within the framework of the Days of the Festival held in other cities of Ukraine, in special programs at other Festivals).

The Organizing Committee has the right to non-commercial display of works on days of the Festival which are not selected for competitive and non-competitive program of the Festival.

Participants of the Festival who submitted the work are responsible for authorship failure.

The Organizing Committee is not responsible for Participants’ violation of the third parties rights.

Program and events of the festival and also other questions concerning organization of the Festival conduction are established by the Organizing Committee.

Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of these Provisions.

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  • Gisela Chicolino

    A festival on this topic is really a necessary one. Please keep working on generating this exquisite programming for the audiences.

    September 2022
  • Thank you very much for selecting short documentary movie "Snoring" directed by Sara Abedi.

    September 2022
  • It's beyond my understanding how these awesome people can keep organizing a film festival, with Russia's illegal, imoral and ilegitimate conquest war at their doorsteps.
    Thank you so much for the selection, for your hard work and for being superhumans! 💛💙

    September 2022
    Очень надеямся, что встретимся ОЧНО в следующем году!

    September 2022
  • Lovely Children Festival 😎 Thanks a lot for the Finalist (Best Short Film) of JUST LIKE WATER movie 🎯 Greetings from Greece 🇬🇷

    August 2022