The Chicago Latino Film Festival (CLFF) is produced every April by the International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago (ILCC), a pan-Latino, nonprofit, multidisciplinary arts organization dedicated to developing, promoting, and increasing awareness of Latino culture among Latinos and other communities by presenting a wide variety of art forms. The Chicago Latino Film Festival is considered the largest, most comprehensive and best Latino film festival in the United States, and presents over 100 films of cultural and social significance from Latin America, Spain, Portugal and the U.S. The Festival stresses the importance of the artistic and educational value of film.

The Festival is non-competitive. However, the most popular narrative feature, feature documentary, and short film are given the Audience Choice Award.

For films to be considered for the Chicago Latino Film Festival, their content must have to do with Latin American, Spanish, or Portuguese stories.

Features must have a running time of 70 minutes or above and shorts must be less than 20 minutes. Films from Latin America, Spain, Portugal and the United States are considered, as well as works from other countries if the director is of Ibero- or Latin American descent, or the subject matter is directly related to Latino culture. FILMS THAT DO NOT MEET THESE CRITERIA WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM CONSIDERATION UPON SUBMISSION. Films with an educational value, or a strong historical and artistic importance are also considered. The Festival presents all forms of filmmaking including animation, documentaries, experimental, narrative, etc. The Festival encourages the submission of works for young audiences as they are screened for students during matinees.

The Festival’s Film Selection Committee selects all features and shorts. A secure online screener with a password (Vimeo) is the accepted format for pre-selection. If your work is in a language other than English, your submission must include English subtitles.

Acceptance Notification
All participants will be notified through email by early February 2024 whether or not the work submitted was selected for the 40th Chicago Latino Film Festival.

Acceptance Terms
Selected films must be a Chicago premiere. Films that have screened publicly, theatrically, or streaming in the Chicago area, have aired on US television, or are available for public viewing (DVD or online) prior to the Festival dates are NOT eligible.

Upon acceptance to the Film Festival, you must provide the Festival with the following materials:
- Synopsis in English and Spanish (Portuguese for films from Portugal or Brazil)
- High-resolution still photos of the film
- Film trailer available online
- Press kit, social media links & website (if available)
- Principal cast and crew information

The Festival reserves the right to schedule all films at the date, time and location of its choice.

Screening Copy Requirements
Films are screened in DCP (Digital Cinema Package) in theaters, and in digital .mp4 files virtually. The Festival will provide you with server information, if applicable. Costs of generating KDMs will be the responsibility of the film’s representative. Blu-ray will not be accepted as a screening format except for short films and only when you have notified the Festival in advance. The Festival won’t screen a film that is technically unsuitable for a successful exhibition. Films are presented in their original language. All films in a language other than English must be subtitled in English. Clearly label the film with its original and English title and running time.

Any shipping costs of all submission materials to the Festival will be paid by the participant, including customs fees and taxes. Mark packages clearly with the title of film, the Festival’s address, and sender’s return address. For international shipping, the customs declaration must read: “Cultural material of no commercial value”. Send the Festival the airway bill number by email: For films selected, the Festival will only cover one-way shipping costs for the return of the exhibition copy.

Guest Participation
The Festival holds discussions following in-person film screenings with visiting representatives or filmmakers. Everyone is encouraged to attend, but the festival can only cover travel and hotel expenses of a limited number of feature film guests. Guests are expected to attend the public screenings of the film they represent. Invited filmmakers will be notified by email.

Overall Rating
  • Halder Gomes

    Simply amazing, perfect and unforgetable! Much love and passion for cinema involved on each one of the members that keep the festival a tradition for the adorable Chicago and a “tatoo” in the heart of every filmmaker that attend it. I’ll do my best to return…

    June 2024
  • ACT Distribution

    Our director Vito Petek premiered her film "Las tardes" at the CLFF, and her experience was amazing. She was thrilled to be at Chicago, the lunches together with other directors were really nutritive and she could meet many other professionals from the industry. We strongly recommend the Chicago Latino Film Festival

    May 2024
  • Laura González

    This is a top quality film festival, with a very warm welcome from the organisers and team of volunteers, great for networking, they have a great publicity department, and excellent venues where they play your film. We are very grateful to the Chicago Latino Film Festival, and very touched after a sold out closing night Gala, for its 40th anniversary, with our film MILONGA. ¡Un millón de gracias!

    May 2024
  • Anderson Bardot

    Amazing Festival!
    I loved it so much!
    Thank you, Flor, Sandra, Pepe, and everyone who worked so hard to make the best for all of us.

    April 2024
  • Montserrat Larqué

    Great festival to meet latino filmmakers in the buzz!

    April 2024