We have ended our first film festival for 2022 with 315 submissions from over 40 countries. The celebration lasted three days at a historic Lobero theater in Santa Barbara, California. We've received the Congressional award from Congressman Salud Carbajal.

Our 2nd Annual festival was ended with success in October 2023, and getting ready for the 3rd year in 2024 with the historical Lobero Theater.

Santa Barbara, the city of arts and culture, is considered the Riviera of America, the home of the famous Santa Barbara Film Festival.

Ceylon International Film Festival (CEYIFF) is the first-ever Sri Lankan Film Festival Organized outside of Sri Lanka. CEYIFF is dedicated to presenting International and Sri Lankan Cinema to film lovers.
We are committed to promoting new filmmakers' projects and showcasing their films to international audiences. Our mission is to screen independent films of all genres from all around the world.

Cinema is a place where you can express your emotions and your creativity. Many voices are to be heard in different matters. Also, we believe cinema shouldn't just be restricted to specific categories.
We believe in creativity. People with many talents come together to create a masterpiece. We believe in you, so join us to celebrate and appreciate your hard work at the Ceylon International Film Festival in Santa Barbara, California.

TBA- Dates and Location

- Awards

Best Picture
Best Director
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Short Film
Best Animation
Best Documentary
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Cinematographer
Best Editing
Best Production Design
Best Music
Best Sound mixing

Rules & Terms (Same for all the divisions except the length)
• Shorts - Running time includes end credits must be between 10min – 15mins
• Features - Running time includes end credits must be more than 40min.
• Language - Open. English subtitles are required for all submissions.
• Online submission ONLY. We do not accept DVDs.
• The selected films will be notified on 07/31/2024
• All the submissions must have been completed between 01/2015– 12/2023
• proof or documentation of the production completed date must be submitted along with the film submission.
• The selected films must sign an agreement or a release form for screenings.

Submission Guidelines

• All submissions will be accepted only through FILMFREEWAY.COM. FilmFreeway accepts HD 1080p files for 10GB. Any file over 10GB must be uploaded to Vimeo but submitted on FilmFreeway along with the Vimeo link & the password. Note: This is for the selection process only.
• The Selected films must send a Screening copy, Poster & Press kit by -08/25/2024

• We will not personally respond to any inquiries regarding the selection process or the results. The selections will be based on the originality & the production effort rather than subject matter, the artist's value, or the budget.

• Awards & Prices are to be notified and will be updated on ceyiff.com and FilmFreeway.

• Selected films for screenings & the competition must provide a screening copy on or before -8/25/2024

• The picture must be exhibited using a 24-frame progressive scan Digital Cinema format with a minimum projector resolution of 2048 by 1080 pixels, source image format conforming to ST 428-1:2006 D-Cinema Distribution Master – Image Characteristics; image compression (if used) conforming to ISO/IEC 15444-1 (JPEG 2000); and image and sound files packaged as Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) in the “SMPTE DCP” format. SMPTE DCP refers to SMPTE ST 429-2 and related specifications. (Blu-ray format does not meet Digital Cinema requirements.)

• The required audio in the Digital Cinema Package (DCP) must be in 5.1 discrete audio channels. The minimum for a non-mono configuration of the audio shall be three channels Left, Center, and Right (a Left/Right configuration is not acceptable in a theatrical environment).

• All the selected short films must be submitted only in Blu-Ray formatted files.

****All fees are non-refundable.

Overall Rating
  • Wonderful Event. I loved the review that was given about my Writings/Work.

    November 2023
  • Daniele De Muro

    Honoured to have my short film"Horizon" at this beautiful Festival. I hope to submit a new project next year.

    November 2023
  • we are really happy for "Honorable Mention" to our "the other land" in your amazing festival! thank you so much! best

    November 2023
  • Thanks for selecting "Enter the Room" into your festival!

    November 2023
  • Great Festival 🙏 Honor and joy for the Honorable Mention of our film JUST LIKE WATER 💙 Greetings from Greece 🇬🇷

    January 2023