After our Horrorfest film festival (est. 2005) started receiving many feature films and short films with strong Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Animation elements (but not enough to fit the event's Horror theme), we felt compelled to not let these amazing submissions fall by the wayside, and simply create a new festival. Thus CELLUDROID was born!
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While its main focus is Science Fiction, we also include Animation and movies with Fantasy elements.
Across the years we've screened some amazing movies, new, old and rare, from District 9, Iron Sky, Hardware, Montauk Chronicles and Dust Devil, to Lunopolis, Godkiller, War Of The Worlds: The True Story, Automatons, Science Team and many more (plus special commercial pre-release shows of commercial cinema releases like Insidious, Scream 4 and Young Ones).

Filmmaker guests have included director Richard Stanley (Hardware) and special make-up FX artist Clinton Smith (Resident Evil).

The legendary Metropolis also screened with a new live score performed by The Makabra Ensemble.

Celludroid has also incorporated documentaries, including Traceroute, The Billy Meier Story, The Otherworld, UFOs 1973.

With the recent pandemic restrictions, the festival will expand to incorporate an on-line chapter.

The highest quality movies are acknowledged with award certificates across a wide range of categories.

After the pandemic Celludroid was forced to morph into an on-line event. This component has become the focal area of the festival, as the availability of cinema slots have shrunk drastically. All selected feature films ad short films will be part of Celludroid's streaming chapter but that doesn't guarantee a cinema slot. Where available, movies for cinema shows will be selected by the festival's discretion and you will be notified accordingly.

There are no restrictions for the production's country of origin.
All languages allowed, but need (hardcoded) English subtitles if in another language.
If accepted, filmmakers must agree to to their production uploaded to a secure server with all requirements checked.

Flamedrop Productions / Shadow Realm inc., and Celludroid cannot guarantee that the short- or feature films submitted will be selected and shown in public / on-line, as the festival selection members / committee will be the final arbiters.

If selected, you also agree to grant Celludroid non-exclusive permission to prospectively screen your feature film / short film after the official festival date as part of an Encore Best-Of replay program (including a selection of nominees and category winners).

Permission must be granted from the relevant rights holders (where applicable) of any copyrighted material used in your production (eg. music, film, video, news, audio, clips from other sources etc.), and the organizers of Celludroid cannot be held liable for the unlawful use of such material in submitted works.

Real pornography, human or animal abuse will not be tolerated and such entries will be discarded, and if necessary, reported.

(With the niche nature of the event and all budget going into promotion of the festival, unfortunately screening fees cannot be offered)

If additional physical materials are supplied to Celludroid (discs, flash drives, external drives), these are non-returnable.

Information supplied on your production will be used in various Flamedrop Productions / Shadow Realm inc. / Celludroid online and print publications as promotion.

Overall Rating
  • Javier MeroƱo

    Great festival. Fantastic communication and very proactive organization.

    October 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Javier - was great to include your work.