The Casablanca Arab Film Festival was launched in 2018 and is the first of its kind in Morocco. The festival showcases a wide range of films from across the Arab world and aims to promote Arab cinema and cultural exchange.
The festival includes film screenings, workshops, and discussions with filmmakers and industry professionals, making it an important event for Arab filmmakers and film enthusiasts.

The fourth edition of the festival is scheduled to take place from June 16 to June 23, 2023.

The Casablanca Arab Film Festival's Competition includes several prestigious awards that are decided by a jury of diverse and accomplished filmmakers from across the Arab world.
A minimum of a five-member Feature Narrative Competition Jury will grant the following awards:
• Casablanca Grand Prize
• Special Jury Prize
• Best Director
• Best Screenplay
• Best Actor
• Best Actress

A minimum of a three-member Short Film Competition Jury will grant the following awards:
• Grand Prize
• Best Director
• Best Screenplay

Article 1
Casablanca Arab Film Festival accepts entries from all countries of the world to be screened in the following sections of the Festival:
Feature Narrative & Documentary Competition
Short Film Competition (Narrative & Documentary)
Arab Features & Short Films Panorama (Out of Competition)
Moroccan Features & Short Films Panorama (Out of Competition)

Article 2
Only films produced after January 1st, 2022 are eligible for the Feature Narrative Competition, the Short Film Competition. Preference will be given to world and international premieres.

Article 3
The minimum duration of a feature narrative film must be 65 minutes.
The maximum duration of a short film must be 30 minutes.

Article 4
Films participating in the Feature Narrative Competition will be chosen from those that have not been shown in other festivals in Morocco.

Article 5
Once a film has been selected and the invitation to participate at the Festival has been accepted, it cannot be withdrawn from the Festival program.

Article 6
The submission must contain the following:
The film screener link should be available until the end of the selection process.
Only the rights holder or duly authorized person is eligible to submit an entry. Submission of a film to The Casablanca Arab Film Festival implies unconditional acceptance of The Casablanca Arab Film Festival’s Rules and Regulations.
Submitter(s) is/are fully responsible for the authenticity of the information provided.

Article 7
The Festival reserves the right to use all materials cited in Article 7 for promotional purposes and for the Festival Catalog and website.

Article 8
The decision regarding the selection of films and the section in which they will be presented belongs exclusively to the Casablanca Arab Film Festival. The Festival is not obliged to offer comments or reasons for not selecting a film submitted for one of the Festival’s programs.

Article 9
All Screening Copies of the selected films must be made available to the festival by May 16, 2023, and must be made available for the entire festival period, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Article 10
The invitation sent to a film selected for participation in the program of the Festival must remain strictly confidential between the Festival and the filmmaker/producer or submitter of the film, until the Festival makes an official announcement of its program.

Article 11
The Festival will provide travel to and from Casablanca as well as accommodations for the director of a film selected in the competition section.

Overall Rating

    A Disappointing Experience at Casablanca Arab Film Festival

    As an enthusiastic filmmaker, I was thrilled to learn that my film had been selected in the panorama category of the prestigious Casablanca Arab Film Festival. However, despite the initial excitement, my experience with this festival was extremely disappointing.

    After seeing my film listed in the official festival program, I was eager to share my work with the audience and fellow filmmakers. Unfortunately, that never happened. I was shocked to find out that my film was never screened, despite the festival's clear commitment to include it in their program.

    This situation has been incredibly frustrating and disheartening, as I invested significant time, effort, and resources into making this film. The lack of communication and professionalism from the Casablanca Arab Film Festival is baffling and unfair to filmmakers who pour their hearts and souls into their creations.

    I want to caution any aspiring filmmakers considering participating in this festival. Unfortunately, based on my experience, I cannot recommend the Casablanca Arab Film Festival. Their lack of seriousness and failure to uphold their commitments make them unreliable and unprofessional organizers.

    As a filmmaking community, we should support festivals that genuinely back artists and honor their commitments to them. I hope that the Casablanca Arab Film Festival learns from this situation and improves its practices in the future, for the benefit of all filmmakers and the film industry as a whole.

    July 2023
  • Mohammed raouf Sebbahi

    Nice experience and very ambitious festival

    July 2023