The Carolina Screenwriting Showcase is an IMDb recognized annual virtual awards event focusing on the artistic and cinematic endeavors of the creative and often overlooked individuals working in independent film in the Carolinas and beyond.

This festival will showcase both short films as well as short and feature-length screenplays with a strong focus on independent films and screenplays produced in the Carolinas, by Carolina filmmakers, but also features films from all over the world.

Awards will be given to the winners of the following categories:
- Best in Show (Best Short Film)
- Best NC Short (Made in NC by NC filmmakers)
- Best Feature-Length Screenplay (21 Pages or More)
- Best Short Screenplay (20 Pages or Less)
- Best Documentary

Each winner will receive a digital copy of the award, and IMDb award credit.

Independent Films Only. (no films with major studio backing will be accepted.)

All films and screenplays submitted must be in ENGLISH (or have English subtitles). No exceptions.

Screenplays may be produced or un-produced, and both screenplays and films may be from any year - there is no firm cutoff on when a screenplay or film was made.

No refunds will be issued for any reason, and no submitted materials will be returned. By submitting, you agree to allow the Carolina Screenwriting Showcase to review, screen, and showcase your product at our full discretion during the submission/screening period.

This is an online-only digital awards event, and no live screenings will take place until further notice.