We are looking for movies which are about one minute long and we have a festival every month.

The vast majority of filmmakers want their films to make money. We invented Cardora to help all filmmakers reach an audience and get some revenue from their work and to build a large enough fan-base to make crowdfunding successful. Cardora is a kind of mash-up of spotify.com, jacquielawson.com and slideshare.net.

Cardora.co is a platform for movie distribution, viral promotion and revenue generation which has two parts:

1) Cardora Film Festival: to find the best micro-movies from around the world - including yours!
2) Cardora Moviecards: an e-greeting card subscription service - an engaged audience paying to circulate your movies, so you get revenue!

The Cardora Film Festival has four main goals.
1) We want to encourage the making of high quality, intelligent, charming and uplifting movies, starting with micro-movies (around 1 - 2 minutes long).
2) We have developed a viral platform so that your film will be seen by a much larger number of people than any normal festival.
3) Thanks to the viral platform your film can actually generate a revenue stream for you, and
4) Help you build a fanbase for their work which will help you with crowdfunding and finding backers and talent for larger films.

The Cardora Film Festival is non-exclusive and you can submit films from your back catalogue and which have already been on the web or in other film festivals.

Films accepted into the Cardora Film Festival can be sent as Cardora Moviecards by the filmmakers to promote their work and by Cardora subscribers. Cardora Moviecards is an online personalized movie-greeting card service offering high quality, charming and beautiful story-driven micro-movies for adults and children.

Cardora can help you build your audience in preparation for crowdfunding and traditional finance raising and help with packaging by attracting talent. A potentially very large audience could see your work and it could go viral. You will get a share of the revenue when your micro-movie is turned into a Moviecard and subscribers send your movie in their moviecard. You can use this money to make more movies!

For the Cardora Film Festival we are looking for charming, intriguing and intelligent stories or some kind of vignette or tableau vivant (about 1-2 mins long) with high production values. We would like moviemakers to pay careful attention to the sound quality of their films as this is necessary for films which are going to reach a wide audience.

You can enter any movie that you have ever made! It just needs to be in a format that can be shown on the web and you have to hold all the rights to the picture and sound. You can even re-edit movies in your catalogue to fit the time requirement of Cardora. (Please no ads or commercials.)

We will accept movies from filmmakers anywhere in the world and in any language or no language at all, but for the moment, if there is dialogue in a language other than English, please offer a version that includes sub-titles. Films can be live action or animation or a mixture.

Cardora is non-exclusive so it is OK if your film is on Youtube, Vimeo or any website or has been seen by the public before.

Awards and Prizes
Moviemakers whose works are accepted into the Cardora Film Festival will:
• be put on www.cardora.co right away and can begin being eligible for the moviemakers’ revenue share (according to the formula stated on cardora.co/moviemakers/your_revenue)
• get their own bio page and each movie will have its own page where the moviemaker can put production stills and promotional information
• a free 90 day subscription to www.cardora.co which you can use to promote your film
• The Prize-winner for each category will be announced shortly after the deadline day and notification will be featured on www.cardora.co.

Requirements To Apply

1) should ideally be roughly a minute long - but don't panic if yours is longer if it is really engaging.
2) must have some charm or wit (or both!).
3) must be intelligent.
4) must appropriate for people of all ages and and therefore must NOT contain violence, nastiness, foul language or explicit sex.
5) may be a proper story, but don't have to be. For instance, movies can be a tableau vivant, beautiful nature shots with music, an illustrated poem, a quirky animation.
6) may have dialogue and/or music or be silent or just have sound effects. Movies may be in any language, though if not in English, a version with English subtitles must be supplied.
7) may be live action or animation or a mixture.