***During the Covid19 pandemic shutdown, Cardora Film Festival is still running online. All winners will be able to use our exclusive moviecard feature to share your movie with as many people as you like.***

Cardora Film Festival is looking for the best micro-movies from around the world! We have a festival every month. Our goal is to maximize the number of people who see each winning movie.

The Cardora Film Festival features charming, intriguing and intelligent stories or some kind of vignette or tableau vivant (about 1-2 mins long) with high production values which are suitable for adults and children. Movies can be live-action, animation or experimental.

You can enter any movie that you have ever made! The Cardora Film Festival is non-exclusive and you can submit films from your back catalogue and which have already been on the web or in other film festivals.

We will accept movies from filmmakers anywhere in the world and in any language or no language at all, but for the moment, if there is dialogue in a language other than English, please offer a version that includes sub-titles.

Entries need to be a minimum of 1080p and you must hold all the rights to the picture and sound. You can even re-edit movies in your catalogue to fit the time requirement of Cardora. (Please no ads or commercials.)

At Cardora we offer each submitter a critique of their entered film. If at first your film is not accepted and you follow our critique - for example improve the sound or shorten the cut, and you then meet our standards, we will accept your film without the need to re-apply.

Winning movies will be shown in two ways:

1) Community cinema screenings across the UK

Cardora Film Festival is a member of Cinema For All, a British Film Institute partner, which represents over 1,200 community cinemas in the UK. The Cardora Film Festival is offered for free to all community cinemas to show as a program of shorts before their feature movie screenings. There is also a Cardora community screening near the world famous Pinewood film studios every month.

2) Cardora.co as an online festival, archive and profile page

All winning films will be kept in an archive of festival winners on www.cardora.co. Filmmakers also get their own profile page. Cardora.co is a unique platform for movie distribution and viral promotion, because all winners can send their movies out as Cardora Moviecards, with personalised selfie attached if you wish.

Not only can winning filmmakers send their films out as Cardora Moviecards to promote their work, so can the ordinary members of Cardora, because Cardora is also an online personalized moviecard service offering high quality, charming and beautiful story-driven micro-movies.

Thus, Cardora can help you build your audience in preparation for crowdfunding and traditional finance raising and help with packaging by attracting talent. A potentially very large audience could see your work and it could even go viral.

Finally, every film gets its profile page so that filmmakers can comment on how they made it and why or say anything else they wish about their film and winning filmmakers also get their own profile page and a chance to offer their artistic statement and talk about their filmmaking style and plans.

All films which are judged to meet our criteria will be accepted. Moviemakers whose works are accepted into the Cardora Film Festival will:

• be shown at community cinemas around the UK in the Cardora Film Festival reel before the feature screening
• be featured on Cardora Film Festival website www.cardora.co/film-festival/ and
will be kept in the archive of winning films
• get their own bio page and each movie will have its own page where the moviemaker can put production stills and promotional information
• be able to use Cardora.co and its unique egreeting moviecard function to promote your film
• Prize-winners will be announced shortly after the deadline day and an announcement will be featured on www.cardora.co/film-festival/.
• Films accepted into the Cardora Film Festival can be sent as Cardora Moviecards by the filmmakers to promote their work and by other Cardora members. Cardora Moviecards is an online personalized moviecard service offering high quality, charming and beautiful story-driven micro-movies along with a video selfie (if you choose) .

Movie Requirements To Apply
1) movies should ideally be about a minute long - but don't panic if yours is longer (or shorter), if it is really engaging.
2) movies must have some charm or wit, intelligence and beauty.
3) movies must be appropriate for people of all ages and and therefore must NOT contain violence, nastiness, foul language or explicit sex. Also NO ads or commercials.
4) there may be a proper story, but there doesn't have to be. For instance, movies can be a tableau vivant, beautiful nature shots with music, an illustrated poem, a quirky animation.
5) movies must have excellent sound quality. They may have dialogue and/or music or just have sound effects. Movies may be in any language, though if not in English, a version with English subtitles must be supplied.
6) Movies may be live action or animation or experimental or a mixture.
7) Films need to be at least 1080p as they will be projected in community cinemas.

Cardora is non-exclusive, so it is OK if your film is on YouTube, Vimeo or any website or has been in other festivals or been seen by the public before. We will accept movies from filmmakers anywhere in the world. There is no time limit on when the film was made, so you can submit any film you have ever made. You can also submit as many movies as you like for consideration and we will happily accept all and any films that meet our simple requirements of quality. We want to showcase great micro movies and short films.

Overall Rating
  • Bailey Pilbeam

    Never received any communication, online nothing seems to be updated past 2020. Not sure if the thing even exists

    December 2022
    Response from festival:

    Hi Bailey, Your film was very touching and it was selected on 11 September 2021. You can communicate with me directly if you like on celine@cardora.co.
    Did you get your laurel? You can find it here: https://filmfreeway.com/laurels/3518/Cardora
    make sure to scroll down the page because they are listed in reverse order.
    Thank you for bringing the overlooked dates to my attention. I have corrected them.
    Best wishes, Celine

  • Hui Tan

    It is my great honor to receive your announcement!
    I deeply appreciate Cardora Micro-Movie Film Festival to provide this opportunity for filmmakers to represent their films and share their experiences!
    Tan, Hui

    December 2022
    Response from festival:

    It is an honour to have you as part of our festival.

  • Liam Butler

    We were honored and thrilled to be included in the festival this year!

    September 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you.

  • There was no communication on the festivals part on where/when/how film will be viewed.

    September 2022
    Response from festival:

    Hi Karen, Thanks for corresponding with me. Sorry it has taken a while for me to get back to you, as I said in my email to you in August, I was on location. I am back at my desk now and I will be sure that you are listed as filmmaker on your film Vanish'd Sight. Please email me if you have any further questions: celine@cardora.co
    Best wishes, Celine

  • Andrew Hawtrey

    Welp, looks like this was a scam. Wish I could get my money back.

    July 2022
    Response from festival:

    Hi Andrew, if you are unhappy with our Festival, you can have a refund. I will process it on Monday.
    Best wishes, Celine