Submissions on this site will NOT be judged. You MUST APPLY at the Link above.


The City of Reno Arts & Culture Commission (RACC) is seeking video/digital media art to be displayed on a large-scale video wall facing Virginia Street in downtown Reno. This call is open to all artists working with video, regardless of location.

The RACC is seeking electronic artworks from artists to be displayed on a video wall located inside of the Canyon Flats off-campus student community in downtown Reno. The wall is visible to the public from Virginia Street, the main thoroughfare through downtown Reno. The video wall is approximately 12’ x 6.75’ and has sound projected outside along the sidewalk.

The RACC is looking for video/digital media art that is appropriate for all audiences. Due to the transitory nature of the audience, works up to 5 minutes in length are preferable. All rights of artwork remain property of the artist. Each artist may submit (1) one completed or proposed artwork for consideration.

Up to twelve artists will be selected and each artist’s work will be presented on its own for a period of one to three months. Selected artists will work with the program manager to adapt selected work for optimal presentation.


Apply here:

Selected artists will receive a $250 honorarium.

Submissions on this site will NOT be judged. You MUST APPLY at the Link above.


Selection Criteria:
The Public Art Committee will review submissions based foremost upon demonstrated or potential artistic merit. Artworks should be innovative, engaging, and compatible with the exhibition location in terms of scale, medium, and format.

If applicable, selected artists must ensure that they have secured necessary talent releases and use rights. Works must respect and adhere to copyright and intellectual property law.

Location and Technical Info:
The video wall is located inside of the Canyon Flat Apartments, an off-campus student community, in downtown Reno. The video wall faces Virginia Street, which is the main artery from the University of Nevada Reno campus through the heart of downtown.

The video wall is made up of nine (9) LG 55LV35A-5B LED screens that display the video as one large image (single channel).

There are two directional speakers mounted on the outside of the building. However, due to the urban setting and traffic noise, video should not be highly dependent upon sound.