For fans of the avant-garde, weird, wild, or dirty! Canted Angle Film Festival is an international festival that highlights the finest in horror, dark comedy, and experimental film!

Have a "tough sell" short you'd like to show off?

CAFF is the place for you to have your film showcased in a festival all about your beautiful oddity! Proprietor and filmmaker Jed J.T. Nichols is a lover of oddball, deep-thinking, absurdist film, and loves the filmmakers even more.

CAFF is the festival for filmmakers who crave artistic communication and focus on their personal connections to film.

Genres considered for inclusion into the festival:

Dark Comedy
Music Video

Entrants can submit any film type to be screened by judges, though films not fitting within the genres above will not be considered for selection into the festival.

All entrants will receive direct contact from festival owner Jed J.T. Nichols regarding their work and respective artistic visions. CAFF is an interpersonal, filmmaker-focused festival that wishes to attach itself to filmmakers across the nation, to uplift their experiences, and to show off those that are selected for inclusion into the festival.

Mr. Nichols strives for full transparency as an artist and owner. All filmmakers are treated with respect, and in turn, Mr. Nichols asks that filmmakers also respect he and his staff. This is the most important rule of the festival.

Overall Rating
  • Good festival, thank you for selecting my short film.

    April 2024
  • Paul Zappa

    Canted Angle is a field day for independent shorts, largely meant to shine a light on works that do not necessarily fit the exigencies or stipulations expected by other festivals or prevailing moviegoing sensibilities. It is a very special outlet for connecting with like-minded filmmakers and viewers. Or to connect with filmmakers and viewers who provide voice you're not likely to find in many other avenues. Jed is a good man and a proponent for storytellers struggling to find their niche. He works tirelessly for the festival to run smoothly no matter what may stand in his way.

    November 2023
  • Thanks for selecting "Enter the Room" into your festival! The online screening was a blast and the fact that Jed introduced himself at the beginning of the screening and gave us some details about his story was really appreciated. He also privately reached out to me to compliment my film, which was very nice. I have been a part of so many festivals that treat their filmmakers like a number and it was so refreshing that this wasn't the case with this festival at all. I had a great experience overall and will definitely consider submitting future projects to Canted Angle Film Festival.

    November 2023
  • Lucian Stern

    Jed is great about respectfully communicating with filmmakers, putting in a ton of work to make sure the festival runs smoothly.

    January 2022
  • I really appreciated all the hard work Jed put into making the festival happen, especially in light of the continuing challenges of the pandemic. A great value for the submission fee, so if you have a film that is a bit outside of the mainstream, and you are looking to connect with like-minded audiences, I suggest submitting!

    January 2022