For fans of the avant-garde, weird, wild, or dirty! Canted Angle Film Festival is a regional festival that highlights the finest in horror, dark comedy, and experimental film! Have a "tough sell" short you'd like to show off? CAFF is the place for you to have your film showcased in a festival all about your beautiful oddity! Proprietor and filmmaker Jed J.T. Nichols is a lover of oddball, deep-thinking, absurdist film, and loves the filmmakers even more. CAFF is the festival for filmmakers who crave artistic communication and focus on their personal connections to film.

Prizes and Awards will be debuted publicly once the plans are set!

Genres considered for inclusion into the festival:

Dark Comedy
Music Video

Entrants can submit any film type to be screened by judges, though films not fitting within the genres above will not be considered for selection into the festival.

All entrants will receive direct contact from festival owner Jed J.T. Nichols regarding their work and respective artistic visions. CAFF is an interpersonal, filmmaker-focused festival that wishes to attach itself to filmmakers across the nation, to uplift their experiences, and to show off those that are selected for inclusion into the festival.

Mr. Nichols strives for full transparency as an artist and owner. All filmmakers are treated with respect, and in turn, Mr. Nichols asks that filmmakers also respect he and his staff. This is the most important rule of the festival.

Overall Rating
  • Much thanks to this festival for an award. They are true film lovers who will really support your film. Especially director Jed, whose enthusiasm for the films is unmatched.

    October 2019
  • My film was given as much respect and value as I could have hoped for and more! You couldn't ask for a better venue and festival to screen your hard work! Thanks again Canted Angle!

    September 2019
  • Although I wasn't able to attend the festival, everything else was great! The communication is excellent, but more importantly the online presence of the festival and director really works for building excitement. This is one to watch! After the festival, the director let me know how my little film went over with the audience. All around thumbs-up!

    September 2019