Campus Movie Fest, the world’s largest student film festival, is the premier platform for the next generation of filmmakers.

Founded in 2001, CMF began when four students at Emory University decided to give their friends and classmates all the equipment they needed to make a short film in a week. Today, more than one million students at colleges and universities worldwide have received all the necessary technology and training to tell their stories for free, thanks to corporate partners and schools.

Campus winners move on to compete at CMF Terminus, a four-day film conference and awards ceremony, earn professional and educational opportunities, see their work at the Cannes Film Festival, and much much more.

MOVIEMAKING WEEKS: Students can walk the virtual red carpet with their cast & crew, scope the Top 20 films from each Moviemaking Week, and find out who is taking home Jury Awards and Silver Tripod Awards at our 100% online Premieres!

CMF TERMINUS: After students from all over the country compete during our Moviemaking Weeks, national Golden Tripod Awards – such as Best Picture, Best Drama, and Best Comedy – are presented at CMF Terminus. In addition, Golden Tripod Award winners in categories like Best Director, Best Cinematography, and Best Performance, are awarded to the best of the best!

DISNEY WOMEN IN FILM: The Walt Disney Company & Disney+ Women in Film Category invites emerging filmmakers to submit films that support the notion that the future of filmmaking is inclusive. Prize winners receive a filmmaking grant and access to CMF Terminus, including admission to a private internet luncheon with Disney representatives, online workshops focused on women in film, and access to exclusive virtual networking opportunities.

GOLDMAN SACHS REWRITE THE SCRIPT: The Goldman Sachs Rewrite the Script on Representation in Film Category invites students to submit short films that promote the idea that diverse perspectives are critical in creating art. Prize winners receive a filmmaking grant and access to CMF Terminus, including admission to a private virtual luncheon with Goldman Sachs representatives, workshops focused on BIPOC representation in the industry, and access to exclusive networking opportunities.

ELFENWORKS IN HARMONY WITH HOPE STUDENT FILMMAKER AWARD FOR SOCIAL AND CLIMATE JUSTICE: Create a story about hope that brings attention to a social issue that is important to you, and you could win up to $10,000 in cash prizes!

- No copyrighted sounds, music, or images
- No nudity
- You and your team members must be current part-time or full-time students at a college or university in the United States of America

- Movies must be 5 minutes or less
- Movies must be shot and edited within the designated start and end to the Moviemaking Week

- Please see the official rules below, and the individual category and challenge web pages, for other specific requirements

See here for the complete official rules: