Cameo Launch Short Film Showcase is an online short film platform that curates and highlights outstanding short film as well as promoting filmmakers via promotional outlets such as our Cameo Launch Short Film Podcast.

The aim of our platform is to highlight and review a diverse and eclectic selection of short films that capture imaginations and provide immersive and arresting experiences. We also aim to showcase the makers of the films we review, with the intention of creating followers for their work in the process.

While the short films we showcase are front and centre, we expand on this by presenting behind the scenes videos, trailers and interviews with the key members of the filmmaking team.

Our monthly showcase is an opportunity for filmmakers to submit their work and have it reviewed as a featured short. The film will also be reviewed in our Cameo Launch Short Film Podcast. Additionally, key members of the filmmaking team will be invited to appear on our special 'In The Green Room' episodes of the Cameo Launch Short Film Podcast.

Short films selected for our showcase will be eligible to receive the following awards and benefits:

- "Official Selection" Certificate and laurels for the selected film.
- Presentation of the accepted film as a Featured Short via a full review write up accompanied by social media promotion
- If the accepted film is currently on the film festival circuit and not available for general online viewing (Vimeo, YouTube, etc.) it will be featured as a 'Watchlist' review, which tells our users which films on the festival circuit to watch out for. Please specify in your submission if this applies to your film
- Invitation to key members of the filmmaking team to appear on the Cameo Launch Short Film Podcast
- Inclusion in the overall promotions of the Cameo Launch platform including the podcast, newsletter and social media

Films can be up to 30 minutes long (although films of 15 minutes or less are preferred).

Submitted films can be up to 3 years old, however if the submitted film is currently on the film festival circuit and you are aiming for it to receive a 'Watchlist' review, the film cannot be more than 1 year old. Ages are counted from the end of principle photography.

Country of Origin:
Submitted films may originate from any country in the world.

Cameo Launch is an English-speaking platform, as such all submitted films must either be in the English language or contain English subtitles.

Distribution Status:
Submitted films may have distribution in place, in which case submissions must be made by the distribution rights holder or with the distribution rights holder's consent. Cameo Launch reserves the right to ask for proof of such consent at any time.

Any films submitted for any category must have all rights cleared including the use of any licensed footage or music. By submitting your film, you are declaring that you possess such rights and Cameo Launch will not bear responsibility for the violations of any copyright agreements, should these rights not be cleared prior to submission.

What We Are Looking For:
This festival is a platform for narrative filmmaking and includes all genres with the exception of promotional videos, music videos, experimental films that do not contain a clear narrative and trailers for films not appearing in the showcase.

We absolutely exclude any racist, sexist, homophobic, religiously or culturally prejudicial, pornographic or obscene content.

Premiere Status:
Cameo Launch has no requirement that your film have premiere status, nor does Cameo Launch require exclusive rights to the film. Preference will be given to films seeking to premiere on the Cameo Launch platform, so please inform us if you intend to submit your film on this basis.

Refund Policy:
The fees charged for submissions are for your film to be considered. This does not guarantee that your film will be accepted or presented on the Cameo Launch platform. As such, we do not operate a refund policy so please be 100% certain you wish to submit your film before doing so.

Cameo Launch reserves the right to display your film in whole or in part on its website, social media or newsletter for the purposes of exhibition and promotion. This will include the use of promotional materials provided by the content owner. Cameo Launch reserves the right to retain the film as part of its content for the duration of the exhibition period of the season of this festival that it is accepted for, but following this period, the content owner is free to request the removal of their film from the Cameo Launch platform.

Cameo Launch will be credit the author and key cast and crew of the selected film as part of the review in which the film is presented.

If Accepted:
If your film is accepted, Cameo Launch will require a link and embed code for your film, enabling it to be included in our review and played in full HD (1920x1080) or higher. Cameo Launch will also require accompanying materials such as a poster in jpeg or png format (recommended image size 1994 x 2880 px), cast & crew list, synopsis, any available promotion and production stills). Cameo Launch may include the embedded film in its promotions, including online newsletters and social media.