A space for films, the production and methodology of which are openly collective and collaborative, and whose arguments and aesthetic are alternative and bold. Cooperation, collectivity and collaboration will be the concurrent themes running throughout the screenings, dialogue and discussion during the festival.

- International Feature Film Award (1000 €)
- International Short Film Award (500€)

Films submitted must be produced by cooperatives, collectives and/or associations, using a participatory, non-hierarchical methodology.

Films submitted do not need to be premieres, but the Festival would consider it advantageous if they have not been previously screened in Spain.

The message of the film should reflect concerns around contemporary complexities, have a unique and bold aesthetic and be coherent with an associative work methodology.

Each entity may enter as many works as they like, however, each film must be submitted independently.

Films of all genres will be accepted.

Films submitted under the name of an individual author will not be considered.

Films with a commercial message will not be considered.