Dear Filmmakers,

On behalf of CMS VATAVARAN team, I am glad to personally welcome you the 11th edition of CMS VATAVARAN – International Environment and Wildlife Film Festival, scheduled for November 2021 in India.

CMS VATAVARAN is a pioneering international festival of films on environment and wildlife, initiated in 2002. Using films as a window to delve into nature, the festival showcases the best of Indian and International films and documentaries, presenting nature stories from all over the world, stories on critical ecological and developmental challenges faced today, some of the most compelling practices, as well as enchanting snippets on the diversity of our planet. Do go thru our website for more details and for visiting our previous festivals and efforts to enhance understanding of the natural world and its conservation.

By sending your film to this unique festival, you get a unique opportunity for showcasing your films across a wide variety of platforms and stakeholders. Nominated films of CMS VATAVARAN travel across India and the world to various other festivals, seminars, theatres, universities, television channels and forums. The aim is to not only to showcase these films among film lovers, critics, buyers, broadcasters, but also to policy makers, scientists, experts, media, students and communities interested in participating in efforts to conserve and preserve our environment or to address contemporary environmental issues.

CMS VATAVARAN is also respected widely for the high standards it has set in the judging of films – the impartiality of the process and involvement of eminent personalities from across a wide spectrum. Selection of your film in this festival will therefore be an acknowledgment of your creativity and ingenuity, in addition to opening doors to new learning and opportunities.

We look forward to receiving your film to this acclaimed film festival and hope your film is nominated, and also wins the prestigious CMS VATAVARAN Awards.

Do join us for an exciting, vibrant and fruitful festival in November 2021. I am sure you will really find participation in this festival worthwhile and inspiring.

Thank you for being part of this green movement for influencing policy, perception and practice!

Ms P N Vasanti
Director General, CMS

There are 22 awards in 10 Indian and International categories. Indian awards carry a citation trophy and award money ranging from INR 25,000 – 1,00,000. International awards carry a citation and a trophy.

Overall Excellence Award

1. Best of the Festival Award*
Awarded to the best overall production in the Indian and International categories by the Jury to honour work which reveals a fascination with its subject, rendered on screen with style, truthfulness and integrity to its sources.
*You cannot enter for this award

Thematic Award Categories
There will be one award in each (National & International) of the thematic categories:
2. Water Conservation

Awarded to productions that provide insights into the linkages between climate change and water issues, and the need for sustainable conservation practices for addressing water equity. Films may showcase water struggles in a world dealing with global warming, climate variability, food and health insecurity, desertification, biodiversity loss, and environmental damage. On these themes, the film can also highlight compelling stories on technology use, sustainable lifestyles, indigenous practices, or policy interventions.

3. Environment Conservation
Awarded to the production creating awareness about environmental issues concerning the natural world i.e. conservation of natural resources like water, biodiversity, soil, & atmosphere linked with protected areas, pollution, waste management, mining, traditional knowledge and innovative practices, etc., thereby focusing on combating destructive development projects, influencing environmental policies and striving for environmental justice.

4. Wildlife Conservation
Awarded to a production that most effectively sensitizes audience about faunal diversity, animal behavior and social, environmental, economic aspects of man and wildlife relationship. The films can depict successes, conflicts, trade, crime, wildlife governance, legislations, court interventions, or profile the great defenders of wildlife in the country.

5. Climate Change – Adaptation & Mitigation
Awarded to the production which contributes to the current scientific understanding of climate change, its impacts on ecosystems, agriculture, food security, and health, human settlements, especially in the coastal areas or global politics of climate change. Films should emphasize the portfolio of strategies that include mitigation, adaptation, and technological development that are required to diminish the risk associated with climate change. The cost effectiveness of actions to tackle the impacts of climate change can also be considered.

6. Livelihoods & Sustainable Technologies
Awarded to the film that highlights those fighting for protecting the natural assets and/or renewable energy such as land, water and forest, which are so intrinsically linked to their livelihood and survival and/or renewable energy in almost all areas of human living, including energy generation, water use, building construction, health, food production, transportation and mobility, commerce and industry etc.

General Award Categories

7. Corporate and CSR films
Awarded to the Film most effectively depicting one or more aspects of recent environmental corporate citizenship initiatives. All companies are eligible to participate regardless of size or location.

8. Animation
Awarded to the animation film produced with traditional animation techniques, computer generated images (CGI) or other production methods highlighting concerns on environment and wildlife or promoting conservation efforts.

9. Amateur & College student Films
Awarded to the Film most effectively communicates environment and wildlife conservation and produced by a first time film maker amateur i.e. upcoming filmmaker/individual, college student/ group of college students of film-making.

10. School Student Films
Awarded to the documentary or short film or experimental work produced on environment and wildlife conservation issues by a regular school student or a group of students from any school.

11. Short Films on conservation
Awarded to the films that educate or inform the public about the different aspects from all the Thematic Award Categories at large. Duration not more than 5 minutes. The film must highlight the issue or convey a conservation message.


The Rules and Regulations and Terms of Entry as contained in this document will govern the 11th CMS VATAVARAN - Environment and Wildlife Film Festival and will hereafter be referred to as the CMS VATAVARAN – Rules and Regulations. Please read the CMS VATAVARAN – Rules and Regulations carefully for submitting the entries.

Film entries must meet the following criteria:

Films must have been completed on or after January 1, 2019 and/or must carry a release date or copyright date or airdate during the calendar year 2019 or 2020.

Film submitted cannot exceed 60 minutes in length for all the film categories.

Entries are invited in all languages. Non-English and Non-Hindi language productions must include an English voiceover or subtitles.

All films are required to be submitted in H.264 HD Format in Pen Drive/ Hard Disk/ Vimeo Link.

Please include High Resolution Photographs (JPEG, TIFF or EPS formats). The following will be required for the press kit and Festival Directory; (a) Production stills (5); (b) Director’s photograph (2); (c) Poster, press clippings, brochures pamphlets etc. (optional);
All the above to be sent by email or in a Pen Drive along with the duly filled form and other required enclosures.

Courier payment formalities should be completed before materials are dispatched. CoD (Cash on Delivery) will not be accepted.

Names on the Credit roll must match with those in the Entry Form.
Entries can be submitted by the producer, co-producer, commissioner, broadcaster, director or any individual/organization that has the right to submit the entry.

All shortlisted and nominated films will be eligible for broadcast on select television channels. Broadcast right includes, but is not limited to, terrestrial TV, direct or indirect satellite TV, digital and cable television. Payment for broadcast will be on prevailing rates negotiated with the respective broadcaster.

ENTRY FEE is non-refundable.
INDIA: ENTRY FEE may be paid by DD/ Cheque or Credit Card
INTERNATIONAL: ENTRY FEE must either be paid by Bank Transfer or Credit Card (VISA) using the festival website


Bank transfer details for entries sent offline
(Please check the applicable Entry Fee from the Entry Guidelines)

Account Holder Centre for Media Studies
Branch SAKET
Branch ID 6045
Account No. Current Account No. 604510100012779
Swift Code BKIDINBBNPL (International Entrant)
IFSC Code BKID0006045 (Indian Entrant)

Bank Transfer
(Please intimate regarding the Bank Transfer payment details).

Credit Card
For offline credit card (VISA) payment, you need not give us Credit Card details. Please email your request to mentioning PAYMENT in the Subject Line. With details like (Name, address, state, pin code, contact no – phone and mobile and email address for generating the electronic invoice). An electronic invoice will be sent to you. You may click this invoice to make the payment securely.

Note: For all other Credit Card types (MASTER CARD/ VISA), please enter ONLINE ONLY using the services of our Festival Submission Partner,

For Bank Transfer Details please refer to ENTRY FORM, section - MODE OF PAYMENT (INTERNATIONAL ENTRANTS).

1. One film can be entered in one category only. Multiple entries in separate categories are welcome.
2. Films cannot exceed 60 minutes in length.
3. Films may be of any genre – documentary, fiction or non-fiction etc., however it must be based on environment and wildlife issues.
4. Entrant may submit more than one film. Each film must be accompanied by a separate ENTRY FEE and ENTRY FORM.
5. Film(s), previously submitted to CMS VATAVARAN, or modified versions of previous entry will not be entertained.
6. CMS will not be responsible for any loss or damage to any films. All films and related materials may be insured by the entrant against any damage or loss which may occur during transit or in the course of the festival.
7. CMS reserves the right to shift a film to a more suitable category and the entrant will be duly informed about the change.
8. CMS reserves the right to exclude films which are not in conformity with aims of the Festival or produced in ways which does not respect living creatures, their behavior and habitats.
9. The screening committee of the Festival will decide the composition of the events, protocol and screening schedules of the Festival.
10. Exhibition copy formats submitted to the Festival will not be returned and will be a part of the CMS VATAVARAN archives. Please do not submit originals (original DVD, original tape, print photographs etc).
11. The trophies and the citations of international winners will be handed over to the filmmakers/designated representatives only. Request for the trophy and citation to be be shipped/ couriered to the filmmaker’s native country, will not be entertained.
12. Please preview your entries before shipping. Programs with time code or other defects may be disqualified. NO REFUNDS.
13. The decision of the Nomination Jury and the Award Jury shall be final and no correspondence will be entertained in this regard.
14. The Jury reserves the right to withhold an award in any category for which there is an insufficient number of qualifying submissions, or to create new awards for films deserving special recognition.
15. CMS has the right to change any information contained in this document (including festival dates, venues, events, awards and eligibility requirements) without further notice.
16. Please thoroughly review the CMS VATAVARAN- Rules and Regulations, Category Information and Entry Form included in this Performa.
17. Submission of entries implies full acceptance of the CMS VATAVARAN – Rules and Regulations, Guidelines and Terms of Entry.
18. All matters regarding the Festival will be decided by the Festival Directorate and its decision in these matters shall be final.
19. All matters not mentioned in these regulations will be decided by the Festival Directorate. The discretion to make an exception to any rules and regulations of the festival will rest with the Festival Directorate.
20. All disputes are subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of competent courts and forums in Delhi only.
21. Copyright CMS. All rights reserved throughout the world. Reproduction of this form, or any other CMS VATAVARAN material, in any manner is strictly prohibited.

The Judging at CMS VATAVARAN is a three tier process. It consists of Peer Review, Nomination Jury and Award Jury. A panel of Nomination Jury reviews and decides on the CMS VATAVARAN Nominees. The Award Jury selects the award winners from amongst the Nominated films. The Jury looks for content, treatment, presentation, authenticity, accuracy, technical excellence, educational value and motivational elements. Both, the

Nomination Jury and the Award Jury consists of a panel of experts and professionals from diverse backgrounds such as environmental wildlife, film production, academicians, media, Industry representatives, cinema and advertising world etc. of national and international repute.

Send the entry form with all enclosures to:
RESEARCH HOUSE, Saket Community Centre
New Delhi – 110 017, INDIA
P: 91-11-2686 4020, 2685 1660 F: 91-11-2696 8282

For submissions related inquiry, please contact:
Mr. Sabyesachi Bharti
M: +91 9818367459 /
For all Festival related query and information please write to:

Overall Rating
  • good experience and the festival was nice

    February 2022
  • Marcos Altuve

    Thank you for selecting our short film "The eyes of the land"

    January 2022
  • Thanks for the selection, hugs from Spain!

    November 2021
  • It is very nice and great

    November 2021
  • Anuj Singh

    Amazing Festival for filmmakers, its a great experience be the part of this film festival

    November 2021