The Crappy International Movies in Sueca (CIM Sueca) film festival is a global competitive event aimed at low-budget audiovisuals, both independent and/or non commercial: namely, B and Z movies, trash, gore, underground, etc. The CIM is held by the «Cultural Association for the Second Law of Thermodynamics» in the town of Sueca, Valencia.

We hope to stimulate countercultural audiovisual initiatives to spotlight independent productions which focus on creativity, medium love and sheer fun over technical requirements leading to a ban from commercial mainstream. We aim to establish the CIM as a meeting venue for the unassimilated, the rebellious and the free minds of the audiovisual underworld!

The acronym CIM (which is peak in Catalan) means that, the top of the mountain, the vertex of the iceberg, the summit of the mound. The peak of dung which form the works most battered by the establishment.

a) SHIT prize (Suecan Horrorous Incoming Trophy) short films (for works no longer than 30 minutes), worth €300.
b) SHIT prize (Suecan Horrorous Incoming Trophy) feature films (for works over 30 minutes in length), worth €300.
c) MORRALLA award for feature films: €150.
d) MORRALLA award for short  films: €150.
e) TERRETA award: €100

CIM Sueca’s management may award any other prizes or special mentions, with no cash prize at all.

CIM Sueca welcomes any individual, firm, association or group form to participate in the festival, with no restriction regarding age, language, ethnicity or any other kind whatsoever.

Entries must be low-budget, independent or non-commercial films, ideally B to Z series, bizarre, campy, DIY, exploitation, freak, gore, kitsch, trash, underground or unclassifiable productions, either fiction or non-fiction, as long as it revolves or pays homage to such genres.

Works in any format and length are allowed.

Those works in a language other than Valencian or Spanish must be subtitled in either one.  In case of not having subtitles in Spanish or Valencian, an archive (srt, txt, ass or compatible) of English subtitles or timed dialogue list must be provided and the festival will perform its own freely and inaccurately translated subtittles. Subtitling material must be provided a maximum of one month before the start of the festival, otherwise the works may be rejected and replaced in the final lineup.

The organization, or the appointed qualified person, may comment live all non-sensical or rather unsufferable works.

Entries can also be submitted by filling in the form at and providing a download link to the file: authors or copyright owners shall provide the highest quality export, were it to be screened.

Physical media can also be mailed the old-fashioned way to:
46410 – SUECA

Inscription is possible as well through the platform FilmFreeway.

CIM Sueca team, consisting of cinema and TV professionals and aficionados alike, will do a first selection of the works at contest.

All those approved for showing at the festival are eligible to win the international award; in both occurrences, authors or owners will be notified per e-mail (or any other means) and the full listing will by published at as well.

The authors of the works transmitted online that are selected to be screened should provide a good resolution file version (mp4, mov, avi) at most one week before the projections. When notified of the selection, they can provide promotional material (posters, photos, banners, press releases) that the festival will be responsible to share by the means it considers.

Participating films will be screened to the attending public during the festival grouped in evening showings with a common subject, either competing or not: CIM Sueca reserves the right to cancel any projection last minute, if deemed so.

CIM Sueca management can create competitive and out of competition sections.

If any awardees can't make it to the festival to receive the honor, trophies will be sent by mail and cash prizes transferred to their bank accounts, minus shipping costs and whatever charges may incur.

All awards are voted by the public. SHIT awards are granted to the most voted works, MORRALLA awards are for most abused works. TERRETA award wil be given to the best work in valencian language.  All decisions are final.

Submitted works (either digitally or phisically) won’t be returned, but will be archived in the festival’s vault. The festival vows not to make any commercial use out of them. Awarded films might be invited to be shown at any other festivals in partnership with CIM Sueca. The festival reserves the right to use fragments of that works in promotional videos or events.

Participating films might be broadcasted by local station and festival promoter SuecaTV, only if their authors agree beforehand.

Participants take responsibility for any possible complaints regarding rights of third parties in the works presented.

Any unforeseen circumstance will be resolved at the organization discretion.
Registration in the competition implies full acceptance of these conditions.

Overall Rating
  • Me contactaron una vez y después nunca respondieron mis mensajes.

    October 2022
  • Dark Padre

    Muy buen festival, gracias por su apoyo

    October 2022
  • Jose Maria Trigueros Contreras

    Fantastica organización, felicito a los organizadores del festival

    October 2022
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    Response from festival:

    Muchas gracias Jose Maria. Esperamos verte muchos años aquí, en tu festival!

  • Thank you so much cim sueca for selecting my film. And congratulatiin every one had a great peaks of success all

    October 2022
  • Kevin Lucero Less

    Thank you so very much for giving my film "Teacher's Pet" an opportunity in your amazingly original film fest CIM! It was a true honour. Cheers!

    October 2022
    Logo quadrat
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much Kevin. Looking forward to screen more of your produtions in the CIM, your fest!