The Ida B. Wells Fund: Disrupting the Master Narrative honors the legacy of a trailblazing American investigative journalist who not only chronicled the horrific violence of lynching against African-Americans in the 19th and 20th centuries but debunked the narratives that fueled the violence.

In our commitment to artistic risk and experimentation, and in the spirit of optimal health, well-being, and equity for people, community, and the planet, Chromatic Black is proud to invite submissions for the 2nd Annual Ida B. Wells Disrupting the Master Narrative Fund. Five applicants will be selected to receive investments of $15,000 each to produce a short film running between 9 and 18 minutes.

We are looking for projects that "disrupt the master narrative," and are seeking artists who aim to produce work that embodies the following attributes:

COMMITMENT: Creative processes and products embody conviction to the cause espoused through the work.

COMMUNAL MEANING: The creative work facilitates collective meaning that transcends individual perspective and experience.

DISRUPTION: Art challenges what is by exposing what has been hidden, posing new ways of being, and modeling new forms of action.

CULTURAL INTEGRITY: The creative work demonstrates integrity and ethical use of material with specific cultural origins and context.

EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE: The creative work facilitates a productive movement between “heart space” - the emotional experience that art evokes - and the “headspace” of civic or social issues.

RISK-TAKING: The creative work assumes risk by subverting dominant norms, values, narratives, standards, or aesthetics.

COHERENCE: Strong ideas expressed with clarity advance both artistic and social purposes.

OPENNESS: The creative work deepens impact by remaining open, fluid, transparent, subject to the influence, and able to hold contradiction.

STICKINESS: The creative work achieves sustained resonance, impact, or value.

RESOURCEFULNESS: Imaginative use of available resources drives artistic innovation and demonstrates responsible social and environmental practice.

IDA B. WELLS FUND "DISRUPTING THE MASTER NARRATIVE" INVESTMENT - Five applicants will be selected to receive an investment of $15,000 each to support an original short film that explores the theme "disrupting the master narrative."



Applicants must be:
• At least 21 years old upon submission of their application.
• A working artist with at least two years of professional experience.
• A U.S. Citizen, permanent legal resident, or an O-1 Visa holder.

Applicants cannot be:
• An institution. If you are an artist who is a principal in a 501(c)3 organization, you should apply as an individual artist. If you are selected for funding, the award may be made payable to you through your organization. Additionally, we are not able to provide funding to LLC or S Corp organizations.
• Seeking finishing funds for a partially-funded, in-progress project. Projects selected by the Ida B. Wells Fund are intended to be new and original works that are fully financed through investments from the Fund.


Applicants must submit:
• A headshot.
• A current CV/Resume.
• A completed submissions form.
• A logline & 1-2 paragraph synopsis.
• A 2-4 minute pitch video.
• A mood reel that is 2-5 minutes in length and intangibly presents an emotional background or gives the audience a feeling about the story.
• Only one (1) video or film work sample that should be reflective of your practice and the highest quality of your work. Beyond that, they should illustrate your ability to execute the proposed Project. The sample must be from a fiction, non-fiction, experimental, or animated film/video short or feature, either in English or with English subtitles.
• A production schedule (which should be approximately 90 days, inclusive of pre-production and post-production).
• A treatment (non-scripted/non-fiction) or a script.
• At least one (1) and up to three (3) professional references.
• A full draft of the budget for the Project, not to exceed $15,000.
• A signed submission agreement:
• A signed production agreement:


Applicants will be reviewed by Chromatic Black staff and a panel of assigned screeners on a rolling basis between the opening of submissions on July 16, 2022 and the close of submissions on October 28, 2022. After submissions have closed, a pool of around 25-50 finalists will be chosen and contacted on November 7 by the Ida B. Wells Fund, and assigned to a jury. Finalists will be given 48 hrs to respond. If, for whatever reason, a finalist is unable, unwilling, or ineligible to participate, a backup finalist will be identified and assigned in their place. The jury will then choose five winners, who will be notified of their selection on November 17 by the Ida B. Wells Fund and Film Freeway. Winners will be given 48 hrs to respond. If, for whatever reason, a notified winner is unable, unwilling, or ineligible to participate, a backup winner will be identified and assigned in their place.


Upon their selection by the Ida B. Wells Fund, winning projects will be expected to deliver a finished project by February 28, 2023 in accordance with delivery specs provided by Chromatic Black, organizer of the Ida B. Wells Fund. Finished films should run between 9 minutes and 18 minutes in length. Commencing on the date the project is selected as a winner, a Development Period of three years will begin during which Chromatic Black shall reserve the exclusive right to develop and exploit the project in conjunction with the filmmaker. Further details on the development, exploitation, and renumeration can be found in the Production Agreement.