Comedy Europe Film Festival (CEFF) aims to promote the importance of film comedy as an art form and an essential part of the European culture. The goal of the Festival is to recognise the highest achievements in European film comedy on a yearly basis.

The International Jury will present the following CEFF awards:
- Best Comedy Film
- Best Comedy Director
- Best Leading Performance
- Best Supporting Performance
- Audience award (to be decided by the CEFF audiences via a procedure described on the official CEFF website).

Each film selected and invited for the Official Selection section of CEFF will receive a recognition plaque and a certificate.

Only films that meet all of the following criteria are eligible for Competition Selection:
- Feature length films only - running time must be over 60 minutes.
- European films - films produced and co-produced by any European country, including countries with partial geographical presence in Europe.
- Films in the comedy genre.

Out of all submitted entries, the festival selection experts will pre-select 20 titles that will participate in the OFFICIAL SELECTION. Out of those titles, 10 titles will participate in the IN COMPETITION selection.

Some of the most important film comedy works of the year will be presented in the OUT OF COMPETITION section. There are no geographical restrictions for this selection and the Out of Competition section of the CEFF may include any comedy film regardless of origin. The films in the non-competing sections are selected by the Board and included on a basis of an invitation issued by the Festival Director.

CEFF is governed by a Board of 6 members and a Festival Director. The Board members are selected and invited by the Festival Director.

The International Jury is composed of 5 personalities from the world of cinema and culture from various countries. One of the 5 members is appointed Chairman of the Jury by the members of the Board.

All films submitted must be recently produced, completed not prior to January 1st, 2020.

The complete CIFF RULES AND REGULATIONS document will be available and regularly updated on the official festival website.