The Central Coast Film Society Student Film & Digital Media Arts Competition is an opportunity to celebrate Central Coast students by showcasing their talents in film and digital media arts, including:
- Filmmaking
- Screenwriting/Creative Writing
- Photography/Cinematography
- Editing/Animation/Special FX (Highlight Reel)

All students who submit their films or creative works will receive constructive feedback from the Central Coast Film Society board members and will be eligible for entry in the Central Coast Film Society Student Showcase. Finalists selected for the Student Showcase will have their works reviewed by a panel of judges from the industry and academia to earn Awards for Excellence and Student Scholarships.

*Additional scholarships may be available, pending sponsors and individual donations:

Awards for Excellence
- Filmmaking
- Screenwriting/Creative Writing
- Photography/Cinematography
- Film Editing/Animation/Special FX

$250 scholarship available for each category
$100 scholarship available for the Central Coast Spirit Award

The Central Coast Spirit Award goes to the creative work that best represents the Central Coast Film Society's mission, "to celebrate cinema and promote media arts and entertainment on California’s Central Coast".

**Additional scholarships may be available based on sponsors/donations. Go to to learn more

1. Dates: Creative submissions must represent works created between May 2021- March 2022
2. Students: Creative submissions must be from high school students residing in or from the Central Coast Region of California, specifically Monterey County, San Luis Obispo County, Santa Barbara County, and Ventura County. Class of 2021 Seniors may submit works, so long as they were created prior to graduation.
3. Content: Creative submissions must fall within G, PG or PG-13 ratings (films outside of those ranges will disqualified).
4. Copyright: Creative submissions must be available for public display (on-line or future in-person event).
5. Submissions: Each student may submit only one creative work in a particular category.

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