Burbank, California is the Media Capital of the world and it's here that Hollywood filmmaking first began. As such, our mission is to promote up-and-coming artists by providing a gateway to expand their careers in the center of the entertainment industry. We shine a light on the unknown artist of today, helping them become the celebrated filmmakers of tomorrow. As such, we are committed to providing a unique filmmaker and film festival experience few can offer.

BIFF also attracts and welcomes film Distributor's looking for a variety of products to market and sell throughout the world. Distributor's need films for theatrical, DVD, VOD, internet streaming as well as other online and worldwide distribution platforms. We pride ourselves on not only being able to put festival filmmakers in direct contact with distributors looking for fresh content, but have successfully secured distribution deals for many of the festival films.

The thirteenth annual Burbank International Film Festival begins with an Opening Night Ceremony, Featured films and Gala Reception. The five-day festival includes film screenings, Q & A's featuring celebrities and industry professionals, red carpet receptions, parties and special events that will culminate with the Closing Night Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony on the final day.

BIFF also honors Industry Icons in the world of film, music and art. These include, (IRON MAN 3) Writer/Director Shane Black, (JAWS) Screenwriter Carl Gottlieb, Award-winning Actor John Savage (DEER HUNTER), Lou Ferrigno (THE INCREDIBLE HULK), MODERN FAMILY star Ariel Winter, Academy Award-winning Make-up Artists Stan Winston (TERMINATOR 2 & 3), Michael Westmore (all STAR TREK SERIES), Creature and Concept Designer Neville Page (OBLIVION, AVATAR), Academy Award-winning Animation Directors Brenda Chapman BRAVE) and Jennifer Yuh Nelson (KUNG FU PANDA 2 & 3) and award-winning composers Marco Beltrami (A QUIET PLACE, WORLD WAR Z), and Christopher Young (SPIDERMAN 3) to name a few.

Burbank is the preeminent Media and Entertainment Capitol of the World. The grandeur of its skyline is comprised of the world's best studios and production houses which include Warner Brothers, Disney, The Burbank Studios, Universal Pictures, ABC, NBC, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network to name a few. Burbank prides itself on a high quality of life, combining 21st century technology with a small-town feel.

The Burbank International Film Festival captures its home city's rich history and movie making magic by promoting fresh pieces of cinematic art by up and coming filmmakers from around the globe. We shine a light on the brilliant unknown talents of today, leading them to become the celebrated filmmakers of tomorrow.

BIFF also continues to introduce new award categories to keep its festival at the forefront of the industry.

A beautiful 12" tall custom-designed crystal-based BIFF Award is presented to the winner in each category at the Star-Studded Closing Night Dinner & Gala Awards Show.

Burbank International Film Festival accepts no responsibility for loss or damage of entries during shipment to or from Burbank International Film Festival.

1. Entries must be submitted by the date of the Final Deadline by May 31st, 2021.

2. Entrants must submit only an ONLINE digital version of their film for viewing consideration. NO DVD's, Blu-Rays or Computer Files will be accepted.

3. Entry forms and payment will not be processed without an accompanying digital ONLINE Preview Copy in the accepted format. Three high resolution production stills or high resolution screen captures taken from your film, a log-line and short synopsis along with the directors full name and biography. Please be sure and note if your film will be any kind of Premiere: World, US, West Coast or Los Angeles.

4. All entries must be in English or subtitled, unless special arrangements have been made with the festival.

5. Student submissions and Los Angeles County Student Filmmakers must include proof of student status with the submission (i.e. copy of current and valid student I.D.) or their film will not qualify as either a student film or LA County Student Film and could be disqualified.

6. All films screened at the Burbank International Film Festival must be in a DCP format, conducive with the parameters agreed to with the Burbank AMC 16 Theatres. If the filmmakers do not have a DCP screening copy, it can be converted by our festival partners for a nominal fee. Films selected for screening at the festival must also adhere to stringent audio and video specifications. Sound levels need to be at the industry standard for theatrical DCP release. The peak level for theatrical DCP’s is -18dB. This is determined on any standard level meter. This level can be monitored in all current industry standard editing and sound editing and mixing software’s and is included with the software. Adobe Premiere, AVID, Final Cut Pro and Pro Tools all have this meter. The peak sound level can briefly go higher than -18dB for brief periods, but no more than a 4 dB increase. Maximum peaking for those brief moments is -12dB. The overall level at any moment cannot go over -12dB. Films that do not comply with these requests may be dropped from the festival. Any questions regarding these guidelines should be addressed to the festival before submission.

8. By submitting, the filmmaker agrees to let the festival use excerpts from their screeners for use in BIFF trailers, publicity and promotions.

9. Burbank International Film Festival is hereby granted the right to utilize an excerpt from any film submitted and accepted for exhibition at the Festival for promotional purposes. The individual or corporation submitting the film hereby warrants that it has all pertinent legal clearances and is authorized to commit the film for screening, and understands and accepts these requirements and regulations. Furthermore, once a film is submitted, approval is granted for festival screening whether it is accepted in other film festival or not. The undersigned shall indemnify and hold harmless Burbank International Film Festival from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos screened or entered.

10. Exceptions to the festival regulations and guidelines must be authorized by the Festival Director.

Overall Rating
  • Paul London

    Fantastic festival! Very good communication. Thanks so much.

    May 2021
    Response from festival:

    You're very welcome Paul! Looking forward to seeing you in-person this year.

  • Bridgette Yaxley

    As a previous winner of Best Original Screenplay in 2018 at this wonderful film festival, I highly recommend it! It is a prestigious, professional and excellent film festival that has allowed me to network with people in the film industry out in Hollywood. Thank you for my nomination!

    November 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Bridgette. We always look forward to your next exciting screenplay!

  • Ray Mitchell Jr.

    Awesome! Very Well put together and organized. Thank you!

    October 2020
  • I hate to write a negative review but unfortunately I was pretty disappointed with my experience with the Burbank International Film Festival. I would imagine that some of my issues are because of COVID and this year being so difficult, and I empathize. I'm grateful for ANY festival that powers through these challenges. But, I've been fortunate enough to have my film selected to several annual festivals during this time, and each of them found ways to include and interact with their selected filmmakers, while BIFF did not. There were several points of confusion in their communication process (beginning with a "false acceptance" alert months early, that was never altered or corrected), and I wrote several emails containing specific questions to which I never received a direct response. Eventually I was elated to learn that my film had in fact been selected, but nothing really happened after that. To my knowledge, at no point was any information about my film shared on any social media platform, nor were there any offers to participate in any online interviews or conversations. Other "smaller" festivals I've participated in were constantly sending out imagery or video clips or trailers of their selected films, and several of them invited me to participate in Zoom interviews to help market the film. For an independent film, these are obviously invaluable opportunities! BIFF offered none of these. Most of the communication I received from them revolved around them encouraging their selected filmmakers and their families to purchase $60 passes to be able to view the festival. As a selected filmmaker, even if you just wanted to watch the awards ceremony, you were required to purchase a $40 pass. The winners weren't announced on their website until nearly two weeks later. To submit to this festival cost $81, which I believe was the most expensive entry fee I paid. At the very least, I would think that should entitle the selected filmmakers to a simple email informing them of the results. Lastly, to illustrate the lack of social media promotion opportunities... I'm writing this review on October 12th, and from what I can see, BIFF's most recent Facebook post is from September 7th, a day before their festival began. There are no posts from during the festival? No posts of results? No posts congratulating the winners? It all just seems so odd and like such a wasted opportunity.

    Again, I am sorry to be so negative. I have no ill will towards the organizers and directors of this festival, who I'm sure faced a TON of challenging decisions during this unusual year. I obviously don't know how things go during a "normal" year. Either way, I hope you'll consider these criticisms as potentially constructive. Thank you.

    October 2020
    Response from festival:

    Mr. Duran, we are very disappointed by your extremely negative review. You seem to be one of the few filmmakers out of 250 accepted films, that seemed to have a bad experience. If you read all the other reviews, you'll see this was not the case for most of the filmmakers. We wish you could walk a day in our shoes to understand the difficulty and challenges that we faced this year due to Covid and still produce a world-class film festival. We wish you well and hope you continue to make excellent films.

  • Joe Petrucelli

    I enjoyed the festival and thought they did a wonderful job. There really wasnt an opportunity to network. Again, given Covid I think they did an amazing job. Nothing like a live networking opportunity.

    October 2020