BUDAPEST FILM AWARDS celebrates the art of independent cinema. We are not afraid to take creative risks and nurture new talent, something rarely seen in this age of austerity and conformity. We aim for diversity and accept short films in all genres across the globe.

Our mission is to discover talented filmmakers from all over the world. We will help them promote their short films, expand their contacts, and give the best of them a possibility to further their filmmaking knowledge in our program.

The winners of our prominent categories will receive an invitation to our joint filmmaking program. Besides meeting fellow artists, we will also give the winners a free of charge opportunity for learning from established filmmakers from the industry.

We know how hard it is for filmmakers to produce and distribute their works, especially if those are short films. BUDAPEST FILM AWARDS is a useful tool for every filmmaker, in order to further showcase their films, and get their deserved public feedback and recognition. The films selected in the festival competition are further on promoted, screened and evaluated by a team of experts in the industry.

The Budapest Film Awards is organized by the BUDAPEST FILM ACADEMY along with EÖTVÖS LORÁND UNIVERSITY, Department of Film Studies (Budapest) and LOYOLA MARYMOUNT UNIVERSITY, School of Film and Television (Los Angeles).

* * About Us * *

The BUDAPEST FILM AWARDS is an internationally highly regarded independent short film festival held in the heart of Budapest.

It is a great opportunity for filmmakers to showcase their short films and expand their careers. We nurture new talent and for the best of them we give an unparalleled opportunity. (See more at the Awards section.)

The BUDAPEST FILM AWARDS are held twice in each year. Our special awards are given to high quality projects. (See more at the Awards section.)

The Festival is managed by the BUDAPEST FILM ACADEMY along with EÖTVÖS LORÁND UNIVERSITY, Department of Film Studies (Budapest) and LOYOLA MARYMOUNT UNIVERSITY, School of Film and Television (Los Angeles).

BUDAPEST FILM ACADEMY has designed a curriculum from practical film courses and provides extensive cross platform education training in all the major fields of filmmaking. In these varied courses, students receive a theoretical and a hands-on education at the same time. They obtain practical skills in screenwriting, cinematography, directing, creative producing, editing, sound recording, and more. Students wrote, produced, directed and shot short films which so far won several prestigious international film festival awards. See some of these films at

EÖTVÖS LORÁND UNIVERSITY (ELTE) is the oldest continuously operating University in Hungary. At the present the department offers five degree programs (two undergraduate and two postgraduate) in Film Studies: BA in Practical Filmmaking and BA in Liberal Arts with optional specialization in Film Theory and Film History, and MA in Practical Filmmaking, MA in Film Theory and Film History, and a PhD program in Film, Media and Contemporary Culture.

BUDAPEST FILM ACADEMY and ELTE joined forces offering practical film studies to students who aspire to become industry professionals. This partnership provides students with high quality, comprehensive filmmaking training. BUDAPEST FILM ACADEMY film courses can be claimed as practical courses towards ELTE – BA / ELTE – MA degrees.

LOYOLA MARYMOUNT UNIVERSITY (LMU) School of Film and TV is ranked 7th among best film schools in the United States. Located in Los Angeles, LMU SFTV offers graduate and undergraduate degrees in production, animation, screenwriting, and recording arts. State-of-the-art facilities and equipment and an extremely knowledgeable professional staff provide students with an immersive hands-on experience using the most current industry-preferred tools.

In 2016 BUDAPEST FILM ACADEMY became the European partner of LMU. Since then, US students join regularly the film academy’s study abroad program. They are accompanied with a writer/professor from LMU who teaches screenwriting courses at the BUDAPEST FILM ACADEMY.

We look forward to having you join us and compete for the exceptional main awards which will present you with a cost free opportunity for joining our international program where you can learn about your craft and have the possibility to meet internationally well-established filmmakers.

We know that for you it is important to be recognized for your talent. Therefore, our professional screeners will review your short film and the highest scored ones will become part of the official selection.

Our international jury will award the best short films. All of them will receive an official laurel and an achievement certificate. The main

categories winners will compete for the free of charge opportunity for learning from established filmmakers from the industry.

These winners will get an invitation to attend a class at the BUDAPEST FILM ACADEMY. The classes are: directing, writing, creative producing, cinematography and editing.

Winner announcements will be released through our social media to help promote your film.

Our Festival is a great opportunity for a new generation of film directors who will receive our team’s support during the whole process.

Film Categories:

Audience Award
Best Short
Best Experimental Short
Best Animation Short
Best Documentary Short
Best Director
Best Student Filmmaker
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Screenplay
Best Producer
Best Original Score
Best Production Design
Visionary Filmmaking

Script Categories:

Best Genre Script
Best Experimental Script
Best Documentary Script
Best Script with a Feature Potential

All short films submitted under these Terms must be submitted in accordance with the procedure outlined herein. BUDAPEST FILM AWARDS may, but is not required to, disqualify or reject any Film that is not submitted in this way.

In order to be eligible for consideration, submission screeners must be submitted online via FilmFreeway, with a FilmFreeway registration completed and all fees paid, by the deadlines listed on this site.


Due to the ongoing pandemic and its changing landscape, the nature of the 2021 Budapest Film Awards Festival has not yet been determined. We are exploring all options and anticipate a hybrid of digital and physical screenings. The scale of the Festival may affect the number of films officially selected.

1 – In order to submit a film, you must own the rights or have permission from the owner.

2 – The Festival relationship will exclusively be related to the film submitter.

3 – Any Foreign film that is not in English must have English subtitles. We accept Hungarian films without subtitles, but prefer to have them with English subtitles.

4 – A fee is required for submission. For payment visit (FilmFreeway website, see our SUBMIT section). The fee is non-refundable.

5 – Budapest Film Awards will not be responsible for damaged copies.

6 – A DCP copy of the film might be required for the theatrical screening.

7 – Students must present a valid Student ID in order to receive the student discount.

8 – Not all the submissions are selected for the official competition. Our Judges are free to make their own choices and no answers will be given about not selected films.

9 – Budapest Film Awards can consider any film to be disqualified if the festival considers the content inappropriate. If you have any question regarding this decision you might contact us at our email address:

10 – The applicants (submitters) must accept Budapest Film Awards’ Rules and Terms.

11 – All submissions in personal categories required the name of the person and the category. You can easily send us this information in the cover letter at FilmFreeway website.

12 – Submitting your movie, you authorize Budapest Film Awards to use, distribute and share the film poster, trailer, synopsis and movie stills in our social media.

13 – Maximum length allowed is 30 minutes.

14 – Budapest Film Awards will present the winners of the main categories with a cost free opportunity for joining Budapest Film Academy’s international program. (See more at the Awards section.)

15 – All short film scripts should be submitted only if the submission is made by the person who owns the copyright to the screenplay.