The Brooklyn Screen is a year-round platform for pushing boundaries and creative expression in motion picture arts.
The Brooklyn Screen hosts workshops, interviews, screenings, and provides resources for both established, independent, and emerging voices in film to grow and showcase their work.
The event series culminates in a film festival showcasing the very best and cutting edge in motion picture arts.
The 2019 Marquee screenings are planned at the historic Brooklyn Academy of Music theaters, with all other festival screenings


The 2019 Brooklyn Screen festival will focus on processing humanity by highlighting projects about the environment and the rise of populism

The Festival will also have a genre focus screening series. This year the Festival will highlight the HORROR genre

All projects invited to participate will be eligible for competition.

Feature Films:

Feature films both produced inside the US and outside will be eligible for:

Best Narrative Feature
Best International Narrative Feature
Best Director
Best Screenplay
Best Animated Feature
Best Performer (Unified Actor / Actress category)
Best Documentary Feature
Best International Documentary Feature

Short Films:

Best Narrative Short
Best Documentary Short
Best Animated Short
Best Music Video

Series Submissions:

Best Narrative Series
Best Documentary Series
Best Performer in a Narrative Series
Best Screenplay in a Narrative Series

Brooklyn Edge:

The best interactive / immersive media project


Young Director Award
Best Student Performer
Best Student Feature
Best Student Short

Full Rules here:

The submission of a project acceptance of these Rules & Regulations, please review this document carefully.

General Eligibility

Projects that have NOT had any public screening, broadcast, distribution or exhibition before April 1, 2018
Projects that have had private, invite only screenings, or Academic and school based screenings before April 1, 2018 are eligible for selection
Projects in progress are eligible to enter provided they are marked Work In Progress and are scheduled for completion 21 calendar days prior to the first day of the festival
Project must fully comply with all deadlines, project length, entry material, and other requirements
Non-English language projects must have English subtitles at submission
“Made in NY” projects, as defined by the New York City government and “World Premiere” projects are eligible for extended deadlines
If at any point the Festival determines that a project no longer meets all of the eligibility criteria, such a submission will be deemed ineligible
The Festival may relax or waive eligibility criteria at it’s discretion

Feature Films (Narrative, Marquee, Documentaries, Animations)

Runtime greater than 40 minutes
Marquee screenings are reserved for those films that have not screened publicly in the New York City prior to the festival date

Short Films (Narrative, Documentaries, Animations, Music Videos, Web)

Runtime less than 40 minutes

Series (Narrative, Factual)

Episodic creations for broadcast television and/or streaming
Web series are eligible, however may be included in the Brooklyn Edge at the sole discretion of the festival
Pilot projects are eligible, but must demonstrate work towards serial growth
Runtime restrictions don’t apply

The Brooklyn Edge (360° video / Vertical Screen / Social / Virtual Reality/ Web)

- Include interactive media projects built for social, VR, AR, or additional new media platforms

Brand Narratives

Projects that showcase stories at the intersection of advertising and motion picture arts
Submissions may be film, TV, digital, social, emerging, or mixed media unrestricted by length
Projects funded by brands in collaboration with artists that showcase a storytelling element, scripted or factual, are encouraged to apply

Student Submissions

Students are encouraged to submit their projects and enjoy discounted submission fees
Students must provide a copy of their current Student ID card or a letter from their accredited school or institution of higher learning verifying enrollment and current status
Students are eligible for all categories, including Marquee screenings

Work-in-Progress Submissions

Work-in-progress (WIP) forms are eligible for submissions, however they must be marked WIP at the time of submission with details on what is missing, and the rough timeline for completion
A WIP submission would be deemed ineligible if the Festival deems it would not progress beyond a rough cut, at least 21 calendar days prior to the start of the festival

Submission Fees

Fees are in US dollars
Each submission requires it’s own submission / entry fee
Fees are non-refundable under any circumstances including if an entry is deemed ineligible after submission


Projects that are invited to screen at the 2019 Brooklyn Screen will be notified by email, phone, or the submission portal.

If your project is selected you must fulfill presentation requirements by the dates as designated by the Festival.

You must execute a release agreement for the exhibition of your project at the Festival
You must deliver an exhibition copy and a backup copy of your project (technical specifications to be confirmed in advance)
You must arrange for return shipping of your exhibition copy after the screening of your project
You must provide all press, and publication assets as determined by the Festival
You must provide an archival copy for Festival archives