The Brooklyn SciFi Film Festival is on a mission to bring the best independent, SciFi films to one of the most innovative and creative hubs in the world: Brooklyn. This thrilling, week-long hybrid film festival will feature works by some of the most dynamic minds in the genre at online and in-person events. Our panel of judges will select the best films for recognition and online streaming as part of our week-long virtual festival with live screenings at Alamo Cinema Drafthouse and Stuart Cinema venues in Brooklyn.

This year, BSFFF will feature all-new exclusive online events, screening parties, filmmaker commentary and "The Future Sounds of Brooklyn," a compilation of SciFi-inspired music from musicians across the globe.

We also look forward to bringing you Season 5 of The Sixth Borough. TSB is our curated, BSFFF-developed series, which highlights and presents 3 fantastic science fiction short films united by a common theme every day of the festival. Think of it as "This American Life" for our dystopian future.

The Brooklyn SciFi Film Festival is dedicated to bringing independent SciFi stories to an international audience through our one of a kind streaming platform. All selected films will be available for streaming during the week of the festival with selected films announced for live screening. Please review rules and description and only submit your film if it is available for streaming Oct 14 - 20th.

Filmmakers will be recognized in the following categories:

Best Live Action Short Film - Awarded to the best live action (non-animated) short film (30 minutes or less) selected by our committee.

Best Animated Short Film - Awarded to the best animated (non-live action) short film (30 minutes or less) selected by our committee.

Best Student Short Films - Awarded to filmmakers over the age of 18, and currently attending a film program at a recognized college, university, or certificate program.

Best Young Filmmakers Award - Awarded to filmmakers under the age of 18, with recognition according to age and/or grade level (depending on number of entries).

Best SciFi Feature Film - Awarded by juror selection to a selected feature length film.

Best SciFi Documentary Film - Awarded by juror selection to a non-fiction film documenting SciFi related themes, history, and works as well as themes of futurism based in science and technology that are commonly predicted in SciFi works.

Peoples Choice Award - Recognition to the film that receives the most viewer upvotes. Attendees of the festival cast votes for their favorite film to determine the winner.

Best In Brooklyn - Awarded to the best entry shot in Brooklyn or directed by a Brooklyn based filmmaker.

Honorable Mentions - All Categories TBD

2024 Submissions Opening - December 1, 2023
Early Bird Deadline: April 30, 2024
Regular Deadline: May 31, 2024
Late Submissions Deadline: July 31, 2024
Super Late Late Submissions Deadline: August 20, 2024

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ALL ACCEPTED SUBMISSIONS STREAM ONLINE - Please Note that this is a hybrid festival with online streaming during the week of the festival (geo blocking available) and limited in-person live screenings for selected films. Based on past history, we estimate 100+ films screening online with 25 films in-person live events. This will vary depending on budget and submissions. Our mission is to promote submissions, encourage networking, and reward excellence in science fiction filmmaking. As part of this mission, we want to make all films available to an international audience. If you do not wish to have your film streamed online during the week of the festival, please do not submit. Email us at for details, exemptions, etc...


Filmmaker - The creator of an original work that has the right to submit their film (the work).

Registrant - Refers to the filmmaker or representing individual submitting the work to this festival.

The work - Refers to the film or project submitted by the filmmaker.

BSFFF - Abbreviation for The Brooklyn SciFiFilm Festival (aka festival)

Online Screening - Refers to limited distribution and viewing of the work through the BSFFF website, OTT channels, and partner channels.

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All submissions must be original works within the science fiction genre. Registrants submitting films must have full rights to submit, distribute, and screen the work. The filmmaker must have the right to submit the work for online viewing.

Upon selection, the filmmaker agrees to allow limited online streaming of the submitted film or work on the Brooklyn SciFi Film Festival Website, BSFFF OTT apps (Roku, Amazon Prime, Samsung, Apple TV, Etc.) as well as partner distribution sites for a limited period of two-weeks minimum. The Filmmaker reserves the right to withdraw for online screenings on any of these channels upon request.

Student films are reserved for individuals 18 or older currently attending a college, university, or private film school program. Industry professionals may not submit to this category.

Young filmmaker submissions are reserved for films made by individuals that are 17 years or younger and attending primary school (K-12th grade).

Films must not infringe on copyrighted materials not authorized for use in the submitted film. This includes but is not limited to music, musical scores, written dialog, film clips or stock footage not licensed for use and distribution.Brooklyn SciFi Film Festival reserves the right to reject entries based on content, non-compliance, violation of copyright, trademark, or ownership rights. Brooklyn SciFi Film Festival reserves the right to reject entries if deemed to be inappropriate for the purposes of this festival.

Code of Ethics

The Brooklyn SciFi Film Festival is an all volunteer non-profit organization. We respect the rights of all filmmakers submitting to the festival and strive to create a positive experience for the artists and fans. In return, please be respectful and patient with our staff and adhere to the rules. Due to a limited budget, it is not possible for us to provide a live in-person screening for every film but can guarantee online exhibition during the week of the festival. We can accommodate some exceptions to the online screening rule including geo restrictions and limited time screenings. Withdrawing a film after selection due to not receiving an in-person screening slot will result in a ban to future submissions as this is a violation of the rules.

All filmmakers accepted to the festival become Alumni and will be given a fee waiver for free entry to future festivals as well as opportunities to participate as jurors or panelist.

Overall Rating
  • The best sci-fi programming I've ever seen! This festival is a blast. So professionally done, and with so much love. I am so grateful to have been a part of it this year, after being a fan for years before. Thanks to Mike and Vince and the Sci Fi Book Club for all the work putting this together!

    October 2023
  • The wide range of stylistic and thematic program portfolios in the sci-fi genre astounded me again. We were honored to have our minuscule hologram drama OSMOSIS selected alongside huge and innovative movies.

    October 2023
  • Joan Cassin

    I was so honored to have my short film REST show as part of the festival! My only regret was not being able to attend in person because the events looked amazing, the screenings looked like so much fun, and the communication was fantastic. And their social media and design teams are on point! Will 100% submit again.

    October 2023
  • A great festival worth submitting your movie to. They go above and beyond to make you feel part of the event, they are really dedicated to the sci-fi genre and care a lot about the filmmakers. Amazing and friendly team!

    October 2023
  • Justin MacGregor

    We enjoyed having our film THE FOUNDER EFFECT take part in the features component online this year. Was great to be recognized with a silver medal in our category.

    October 2023