Welcome to the UK’s premiere competition for amateur filmmakers!

Movies may be on any subject, and of any length. A large selection of the entries will be shown at the British International Amateur Film Festival. It is hoped that we can hold the festival in Birmingham, UK, but if COVID-19 restrictions still preclude a physical gathering we will stage the event on-line in a similar manner to 2020. Please refer to our website www.biaff.org.uk nearer the time.

All movies accepted into the competition will receive written comments from the judging panel.

Provisional programme for BIAFF 2021:

Friday 16th April
7.00pm Dinner
8.30pm Audio-Visual Competition Winners Show

Saturday 17th April
9.00am BIAFF desk open
9.30am Four Mini-Cinemas – a selection of movies from the IAC British International Amateur Film Competition 2021
Tea/coffee will be served at an appropriate time
12.30pm Lunch break
2.00pm Four Mini-Cinemas – a further selection of movies from the IAC British International Amateur Film Competition 2021
Tea/coffee will be served at an appropriate time
7.00pm Reception
7.30pm Festival Dinner.

Sunday 18th April
10am The Award Winners’ Show part 1
11:15am Coffee/tea break
11.45am The Award Winners’ Show part 2
1pm Lunch – must be pre-booked
2.30pm The Award Winners’ Show part 3
4pm Coffee/tea break
4.30pm The Award Winners’ Show part 4
6pm End of BIAFF 2021

Events and timings are provisional and subject to confirmation.

For more details and booking information please see our website www.biaff.org.uk

Films will be graded on a “Star” system (1 to 5) plus eight Diamond Awards for the best entries. With the exception of the IAC Diamond Awards, there is no limit to the number of awards in each category.
• The movie judged to be the best production in the competition will be announced at the Festival and awarded a special trophy, together with a cash prize of £500.
• The “Best British” entry will receive a cash prize of £250.
• Other awards include those considered to be the best: Documentary; Story; Animation; Editing; Sound; Acting; Humour; Photography; “One Minute” Movie.
• In addition, there will be awards for the best films by those in the Under 16 and 16-21 age groups. The overall best British young filmmaker will receive a prize of £250.
• One-off Judges’ Special Awards such as Pop-Video, Experimental, Abstract, Computer-Generated, Public-Awareness, may be given.
• There will also be a trophy for the best entry from an IAC affiliated club.
Makers of the 5 Star films and all award winners listed above will be provided with a distinctive BIAFF laurel which may be appended to future releases of the film.
Through the generosity of our sponsors additional prizes may also be awarded. Note: Certain awards may not be given if, in the opinion of the Judges, there is no deserving entry.

1. This competition is for films made by individuals or groups for pleasure and not for commercial gain. The following are, however, permissible:
• Films made by IAC regions and clubs for the benefit of those organisations.
• Public or private exhibition and sale, where the proceeds are solely for the benefit of clubs, regions or bona fide charities.
Any sponsorship must be used only to cover production costs and the expenses of the production team and actors, and not for paid assistance from video professionals, either for filming or post-production (apart from the making of copies). Members of the production team, including actors, should not be paid for their time devoted to the production, other than expenses.
If it is discovered, either before or after making any award, that the film has infringed these requirements, the organisers will have the right to disqualify it, revoke the awards and reclaim any prizes. Any film that is subsequently marketed or distributed commercially is liable to forfeiture of any BIAFF awards issued. The IAC and BIAFF logos may not be used in connection with any film without express permission from the organisers.
2. Movies may be on any subject, and of any length. However, it may not be possible to include complete winning movies in the Award Show if they are over 30 minutes long, in which case extracts may be shown.
3. “One Minute” entries must have a screen time of not more than 60 seconds, including titles and credits.
4. Names as supplied will be used on certificates and trophies.
5. Copyright clearance of all material, both sound and picture, is the sole responsibility of the entrant.
6. The IAC reserve the right: (a) to present any entry or part of any entry at the International Festival; (b) without prejudice to the maker’s copyright, to make copies for the IAC Film Library or for the purpose of training judges; (c) to release all or part of any entry for publicity purposes; (d) to exclude any entry.
7. Young filmmakers must be in either the Under 16 or 16-21 age groups at the closing date.
8. Young filmmakers have a choice of two options (but not both) according to their aspirations and experience:
• Compete in the main competition and be judged against older competitors on an equal basis. This is for film-makers wishing to establish a “track record”, possibly achieving the highest awards of the festival. OR
• Enter a special competition designed specifically to coach and encourage younger film-makers. No specific “Star” grading will be awarded, but an educational critique will be provided for each entry and a trophy will be awarded for the best film in each age group.
The overall awards for Best Under 16, Best 16-21 and Best British Young Filmmaker will be selected from the winners of both competitions.
9. Appointed 1st round judges may enter the competition. However, they will be kept strictly unaware at the judging weekend of when, where and by whom their work is to be assessed, and of the results awarded. Judges will not assess any work from their own region.
10. Receipt of all entries will be acknowledged. If acknowledgement is not received within 14 days of posting please contact the Competition Manager.
11. Films should be uploaded rather than submitted as a Vimeo link. This is to ensure we can obtain a high quality copy for our judging event and potential presentation at the Festival.
12. Movies entered in a previous year may not be entered again unless substantially revised. (Ask if in doubt.)
13. If the maker wishes to update their entry after the original version has been submitted there will be a £10 administration fee.
14. Trophies will be retained by their winners. Any trophies not collected at the festival will be forwarded upon payment for postage and packing.
15. It may be necessary to limit the number of entries to the competition.
16. The decision of the Judges is final and no correspondence can be entered into.

Overall Rating
  • Pio Bruno

    It is the second time that I have participated in BIAFF and considered the staff of the festival to be of a good level, and not because they recognized a certain value in my videos, but because they showed maximum seriousness and punctuality. Two years ago my "The necklace" got 3 stars and, what pleased me very much, received a critical comment from the festival jury. This year my "Elisir (come on!)" Achieved 4 stars but I did not receive the critical comment that I thought was useful and rewarding. Hope it didn't end up in spam. Congratulations to all the BIAFF!

    April 2021
  • Gang Zhao

    It’s a great film festival. It’s a great honor for you to choose my film. Thank you!

    April 2021
  • Shane Pyers

    Great! Nice surprise to be a winner! Didn't receive any kind of awards or anything. In fact I was given a very harsh review about my film Kings Crown, which I found very bizarre in hind sight being a so called winner!!!!???? Just saying.

    July 2020
  • Great festival, great communication. Really nice and helpful people.

    May 2020
  • My second year participating. Very impressed with Beth quality of the festival. Feedback is informative. A pity that the Festival had to be postponed this year but hoping that the rescheduled date will go ahead.

    May 2020