The first annual BritCon Film Festival is a celebration of films from the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth areas.

This festival is in correlation with BritCon. BritCon is a convention dedicated to everything Britannia, held for the first time in Bellevue, WA. This year, we are bringing guests from Doctor Who, Star Wars, and a slew of other British Media outlets. BritCon will be an amazing weekend with other British admirers, who are attending panel discussions on their favorite British Films and TV shows.

This year, the convention is titled, “It’s Just the Beginning” to represent a new start in the Pacific Northwest. As a new convention, we are bringing inclusivity and diversity to our event.

Best Film will receive a trophy for their achievement along with $100 total in prizes split between the winners and all award winners will receive their award certificate.

We only accept one title per entry fee and digital submissions. Anonymous submissions will not be accepted. Entries will be screened before hand by BritCon staff in order to determine eligibility.

Please note that we DO NOT waive submission fees. We feel it is unfair to waive fees to certain filmmakers, no matter the circumstances. Whether your film has played at multiple prestigious festivals or it has never been screened anywhere, all submissions will require a fee. We believe this preserves the integrity of the festival and helps to put everyone on an even playing field. In light of this, we do our best to keep submission fees low compared to other festivals, however, the fees help pay for facilities and promotional materials to allow your films to be seen. Therefore emails requesting submission waivers will not receive a response. Thank you for understanding.

The criteria for submission is that the film should have a concrete connection to the UK: either through the participation of a UK director, writer, principal cast members, cinematographer, screenwriter, or editor; filmed in the UK or it’s Commonwealth areas, or about UK subject matters.

You own the rights to your film. Screening your work at BritCon Film Festival in no way implies ownership by the festival. All film genres and formats are eligible. If a film is unable to be viewed, it will not be accepted.

The official submission period will be from February 1, 2020 through July 19, 2020 and you do not need to attend BritCon to be eligible.

If accepted to the festival, you will be contacted with an address for sending your film in one of the following formats: high resolution download link or high-res file on a flash drive. Each accepted filmmaker will receive 2 complementary tickets to the festival. Any additional passes must be purchased by the filmmakers through BritCon. You will receive a deadline by which to send your materials. If we are unable to receive your film in time, we will not be able to screen it. Please note that mailed materials will not be returned, however, if you are present at the festival, they may be picked up from one of the festival organizers. By submitting your film, you commit to screening your film, if selected and authorize its non-exclusive use in any and all promotional materials. The rules and regulations of this festival are subject to change at the discretion of the festival organizers. We will do our best to notify participants of any and all changes.

Submissions not suitable for all-ages will be considered for late-night screenings as BritCon is a family-friendly event. No pornographic material will be accepted or considered.

BritCon Film Festival DOES NOT PAY SCREENING FEES. By submitting your film via FilmFreeway you acknowledge that the festival will not pay to present your work.

Overall Rating
  • Brilliant festival. Highly recommend!!! We were incredibly honoured to have our film "At Home with... Nick Mullins" named "Best Film" at the festival. Thank you for everything, can't wait for next year! Looking forward to the arrival of our certificate and trophy in the post!

    September 2020