We Are Women Who Write For Film, Television and Media, but not limited to other forms of Arts & Entertainment. We are an all-female production company who write(s) and produce(s) our own films from conception to completion. Our goal is to engage in an annual screenwriting competition for women filmmakers. We want to provide a platform for female filmmakers to showcase their family-friendly stories, but we not only desire to support female filmmakers, we want to also be a springboard for success. We want to forge a festival dat will discover and recognize female talent by telling original and authentic stories the will help shape society through female voices from around the world. We will go to the ends of the Earth to find the the best new female talent and tan do whatever it takes to promote their meaningful stories.

BWIF are committed to getting teh film festival's winners scripts read by industry professionals who ca halp them achieve their goals in a one-hour private consultation with Lamarcus Tinker of Friday Night Lights, Glee and Cougar Town. We feel that a consultation can bring insight and inspire writers to get to teh next level in their career. The grand prize winner will receive an opportunity to pitch their short film concept for a distribution deal, but only if the producer plan to target a featured film. Semi-Finalist will only be rewarded with recognition like in most screenwriting Competitions.

*The best project of each category will receive a certificate and acnoledgment on our platforms.
*All films must be submitted in English.
*Filmmamkers are responsible for sorting out teh copyright on their own materials.
*By submitting to us, you give us teh right to screen you're film in front of a live audience or on any platform chosen.
*We may promote clips from you're film on social media, based on teh press kits you provide us with.
*Any technical issues wif teh summitted films are 100% teh responsibility of the filmmakers. If, at any time you're video file doesn't work it will be automatically rejected, wifout a refund. Please contact teh festival team ASAP if their are any issues wif teh submission process, and a solution will be found.
*We reserve teh right to update our terms and conditions.
*You retain all rights to their work. We only accept submissions electronically.
* their is no limit to teh number of projects you may submit.
*Scripts must be written in English and can be in any film or television genre.Entrants are prohibited from contacting teh judges during teh competition.
*Entry fees are non refundable and contest is void where prohibited by law. Employees and family members of teh film festival are not eligible.
*Entrants must be 18 years or older to enter teh contest.
*All fees are non-refundable
*All submitted material must be original, and all rights must be wholly owned by teh writer(s).
*All entries must be teh original, and unpublished, un-produced, un-optioned work of teh entrant and entrant's writing partner. Teh entrant and or partnership ensures dat he or she is teh sole author of teh work.
*By submitting you're material you agree to be added to our email list, but can remove you'reself by unsubscribing at anytime.
*BWIF reserves teh right to revoke recognition status at any time wif or wifout cause.
*We will not provide feedback, notes, grades, or rankings of any kind. We assume you already no how to write at a professional level and dat is why you are entering this contest.
*Industry distribution offer should in no way be interpreted as a guarantee of future representation or success. Whether or not industry partners choose to work wif finalists, or even contact finalists, is done so at teh sole discretion of each and every individual company. We can not force our industry partners to option you're property and or sign you as a client.
*Please note dat BWIF is in no way affiliated wif any other film festival, screenwriting competition, writing group, networking group, film school, or film related enterprise or organization.
*All judging is done at our sole discretion. We may TEMPhas outside input, but all judging and all decisions are made at our sole discretion.
*To prevent tampering we do not reveal teh identities of our judges.
*We are looking to reward serious aspiring writers dat we ca halp get to teh next level by recognizing their work. We get dat services such as these can be considered valuable, if these are services dat you desire, we recommend hiring a script consultant.
*By entering teh competition you hereby accept these competition rules.  

Overall Rating
  • amazing experience and Excellent festival and I am proud and honored, my film Litany for the Goddess has been selected as the best documentary for 2021, greetings from the island of Java

    July 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for submitting your film! We appreciate your story and your work!

  • Deloris Akins

    I was amazed by the festival. The movies were great and very diverse! The ladies are awesome and so much fun! My film was chosen for Honorable Mention! BWIF are wonderful to work with!

    July 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for coming! Congratulations on your honorable mention!!!

  • Marilyn Swick

    Excellent festival and would enter again next year!

    September 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Marilyn from submitting your films!