Bridgwater TV went live on August 1st, and can be found at www.bridgwater.tv.

Bridgwater TV is fully run by volunteers, and all submission fees are used to improve the Bridgwater TV.

Bridgwater TV is part of Bridgwater Digital, which is a community project taking place in the town of Bridgwater, in the UK.

In addition to the online film festival, we will also be holding an annual film festival and those viewing Bridgwater TV will be voting on the films to be shown. This film festival will be a combination of films and filmmaking training for those wanting to make their own indie films.

One of our aims at Bridgwater Digital, is to bring some of the best indie films to the town through our physical film festivals, but we also want to be able to share some of the best indie films for those who are unable to attend these film festivals (which is everybody right now, but this will continue on for those stuck in their homes or unable to attend for other reasons).

Bridgwater TV is a free-to-view website and, while primarily aimed at Bridgwater, it is open to anybody to view, wherever they are.

While we can have limited runs on films if requested to do so, we are not putting a limit on the time that a film is included. So if your submission is accepted, we will make it available on a continual basis.

The website looks very similar to Netflix, and your film will be included in a number of sections, including it's main genre, but also sections for specific types of film festival (such as young adult for example).

By submitting, if you accepted, we will not place your film onto the service until you have decided that you want it on there. This means that you can complete your festival run before we show it.

This is an ongoing service, not restricted to a specific date. While the notification date is listed as April 30th, we will be making notifications for the online section of the festival on the first of each month. Please also note that the date is ongoing, but we are restricted at this time on the dates we can use.

We will be having monthly polls on viewer's favourite films, and these winners will receive a PDF certificate.

All entries must be submitted via Private Link for review purposes and then if accepted, will need to submit either through a download, or a copy of your film on a flash drive.

1. By submitting the film, you confirm that you hold the rights, or permission to use, all aspects of the submitted film.

2. By submitting the film, you confirm that Bridgwater Digital, those who work for Bridgwater Digital and those individuals and companies who work with us shall not be held liable in any way if there are any legal ramifications due to rule #1 above.

3. By submitting the film, you are giving Bridgwater Digitala license to show the film, if selected, and to use publicity shots, names of cast & crew, scenes from the film and likenesses of those involved in the creation of the film for the use of pre & post publicity and promotional purposes.

4. Bridgwater Digital holds absolutely no rights over your film, other than those stated in rule #3 above.

5. If selected, you must provide us with 7 days notice if you want your film to be removed from the website. This allows us to let users know.