In the far west of France, the Brest Surf Film Festival welcomes during 4 days and 4 nights, the worlds most creative, exciting and innovative surf films produced during the past year. Short, medium-length films and features from all over the world are shown on a large screen in the heart of Oceanopolis, the national center of scientific culture dedicated to the oceans. Particular attention is paid to the screening conditions, so that the experience is powerful, moving and especially memorable.
The Brest Surf Film Festival team is particularly attentive to the human stories, the original angles and the aesthetic approaches, creativity, inventiveness and audacity.
At the Brest Surf Film Festival, you are invited to dive into forces of nature that define the world of surfing. Through these films the festival will create a shared feeling of adventure and passion for the oceans, for their preservation, for surfing and everything else that comes with it.

The Brest Surf Film Festival Jury, composed of recognized and passionate figures in cinema, surf, art, oceanographic science, media, offers filmmakers awards (trophies) in several different categories :
- Grand Prix - International Feature Competition
- Prix de la Fondation Banque Populaire Grand Ouest - International Feature Competition
- Coup de coeur du Jury - International Feature Competition
- Grand Prix - International Short Film Competition
- Coup de coeur du Jury - International Short Film Competition
- Prix Brittany Ferries - International Short Film Competition (sponsored by the Shipping Company Brittany Ferries)

Prizes are awarded to film directors.

By submitting the production :
I give permission for the Brest Surf Film Festival to use extracts of my film for promotional purposes (3 minutes duration).
I give permission for the Brest Surf Film Festival to use stills, titles, and other information in reference to the film to promote the event and the films selection : on line, and in any print media, press article, audiovisual media, and on the communication tools : programme, information leaflets, press book.
I guarantee my work as the original, and hold all copyright registration of my work.
I guarantee that my work has nothing illegal (copyrights previously obtained for the other implemented media : music, images … )

Television and internet broadcasting :
I give the reproduction rights free of charge to the Brest Surf Film Festival and give my permission for the broadcasting on the French television channel, numeric, Internet, satellite, cable and ADSL, and on the all paper, electronic, digital media, of some extracts and/or images from the films selected for the festival. These extracts won’t exceed 10 % of the film length, and will in any case be restricted to 3 minutes.
These extracts will be only used for information reports or news reports dedicated to the festival, television or web shows and interviews, and/or for the promotional of this year's festival promotion or the future ones.
I also allow free of charge the Brest Surf Film Festival, to mix audiovisual extracts from several films selected for the festival, and to broadcast them on all media to promote the festival in France and all over the world.
Films shortlisted for the Brest Surf Film Festival must include the logo provided by the festival on their end credits. This logo must also be included on all promotional material and press pack.

French version / Subtitles
If the language of the movie is not french, it is recommended that the production provides a french subtitled copy. If it’s not possible, please mention it.
In this case, we ask for the right to translate and insert the french subtitles on the film. The subtitling will be carried out by a professional structure. If the Brest Surf Film Festival decides to do so, it will own the french subtitles.