Welcome to Boxpixs

We are a modern streaming platform with a monthly festival screening. We welcome you to submit your work. We are looking for quality entertainment for all the family to include

Short Films
Feature Films
TV Series

We are excited to support content creators around the world by giving them a professional and credible streaming channel and exposure to our growing audience, whilst offering great entertainment for all the family to enjoy.

With platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime becoming increasingly difficult to get content accepted for licence, and hundreds of thousands of brilliant productions out they're collecting dust, our focus is to bridge that gap and bring them to the screen.

Boxpixs is currently a free 24/7 non exclusive streaming platform, you will always own your content 100% and can have it removed at any time.

A monthly screening is held from submissions on the 1st of each month where content we feel fits Boxpixs is selected for screening on the 5th of the same month. Each month we will also have 3 winners as-well as official selections.

We are especially looking to screen the following,

- Children's content
- Cartoons
- Animation
- Drama
- Teen

We are not looking for horror, extreme violence of any nature, sexual / gore.These genres will not be accepted.

If officialy selected for Boxpixs, you will receive,

- Boxpixs Laurel to include in your artwork if you wish.

- Added to our streaming service Boxpixs, where fans can watch your film for free.

- Non exclusive, take down anytime and you always own your rights.

- Included in our monthly new letter with links to watch the film.

- Considered to be included in our regular major streaming platform pitch.

- A social media post from us and we provide a social link for sharing.

- IMDB listing for winners once available.

If your content is selected you agree to allow your film to be streamed on our platform boxpix.com on a non exclusive basis. Our service is free to film fans at this stage and we do not include any adds or monetisation, or seek any revenue from content submitted unless agreed in advance with content owners. If that changes in the future, we would notify you to agree any terms and conditions. Your content is always owned by you 100%, you can take it down from Boxpixs at any time by emailing us at boxpixs@gmail.com. Please allow up to 48 hours for removal. You agree and confirm that you have full rights, permissions, copyright clearance and/or ownership to submit your production and to be streamed by Boxpixs online worldwide and shared across the internet and social media. Your rights to include but not limited by all visuals, music, FX, Titles, samples and the full finished delivered production. Boxpixs will not take responsibility for any copyright infringements in any capacity.

You will supply Boxpix with the relevant artwork, production, cast and crew details, synopsis and any marketing highlights in order to present your production in the best way possible.