Now in it's 12th annual installment, the BoneBat "Comedy of Horrors" Film Fest is a full evening of giggles and gore, where we present the finest in independent Comedy/Horror features and shorts from around the world, amazing live music and prizes galore, all hosted by Steve and Gord of The BoneBat Show!

Viewers Choice Award for Best Live Action Short
Viewers Choice Award for Best Animated Short
Viewers Choice Award for Best Northwest Short
BoneBat Jumbo Bonus Jury Award

Submission to The BoneBat Film Festival (BBFF) in no way implies ANY ownership rights by BBFF to the submitted film, all such rights are reserved by the filmmaker. All submissions to BBFF are accepted on a NON-exclusive basis. Except as explicitly set forth below, each party's trademarks, copyrights, patents, trade secrets and intellectual property rights are and shall remain the sole property of that party.

Film submissions will be accepted on NTSC Region 0 or 1 DVD, Blu-Ray, or Digital screeners only. Online links are acceptable for preliminary submission, but upon acceptance an HD file or copy in either disc or digital form must be received by 04/01/23, or the film will be dropped from the program. If a film is in the pre-screening stage, it is acceptable to send in a disc that is hand written, but entrant must be legally authorized to represent the work. All films must be original or adapted works, and your film must be in English, English subtitled, or dubbed in English. For each entry submitted, one (1) additional data disc or data folder containing film artwork (poster, etc.) may be submitted as well. (1) film per disc and (1) film per submission form please. If entering multiple films, please submit each project separately. The BoneBat "Comedy of Horrors" Film Fest strongly encourages film submissions from women, people of color, LGBTQ, and differently-abled filmmakers.

Cost of shipping DVDs and promotional materials to the festival is the responsibility of the entrant. Exhibition copies must be sent to the festival prepaid. The festival can not accept responsibility for damage or loss of materials while in transit. Additionally, BBFF does not return materials, so please do not submit master copies.

Feel free to email the BBFF staff at for confirmation of delivery.

All programming decisions are made by the BoneBat Film Fest staff, and all decisions are final. If accepted, we will notify filmmakers by email. After acceptance, the final presentation version will need to be in our office no later than 04/01/22. Be sure to indicate aspect ratio of your film/video as well as any other special screening/presentation information we might need to know.


By submitting your film to the BBFF you agree that, if your film is selected, you grant to BBFF NON-exclusive rights to a one-time screening of your film, as well as perpetual rights to use, display, promote and exhibit publicly any promotional materials provided by the filmmaker to the BBFF on and related sites in reference to your participation in the festival, at BBFF’s discretion. You further agree that BBFF is permitted to use excerpts from your film for promotion, marketing and advertising of BBFF and BBFF events.


BBFF agrees to use its best efforts and judgment in not releasing any personal and/or confidential information about any filmmaker and/or their material(s) and/or information. You agree to not release any material(s) and/or information regarding BBFF or any of its staff, associates, or affiliates, either verbally or in writing, in any derogatory and/or defamatory and/or negative manner. Any materials received by BBFF that contain real-life cruelty to humans or animals, illegal acts, or hate will be delivered to the appropriate authorities. BBFF will not promote cruelty, or hate.

Either party may use the other party's name for the purpose of making public statements such as press releases and marketing and promotional materials, provided that each party adheres to reasonable good faith and consideration standards for making such statements. In all cases, full consideration and representation of the respective roles and contributions of both parties shall be given in any such statement. You agree not to use any reference to BBFF in any pornographic, illegal, abusive, defamatory, offensive, or negative way whatsoever.

I have read and agree to abide by all BoneBat Film Fest rules and regulations and agree to accept the judging procedure as it stands.

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Overall Rating
  • Andrew Rutter

    Thanks for having both THE FRONT DOOR and PETER THE PENGUIN at your wonderful festival! Really great communication from the organisers, clearly passionate about what they do! Hope to be back with more films in the future.

    May 2022
  • Kieran Reed

    It truly was a huge honour to have ALL YOU CAN EAT play at the Bonebat 'Comedy of Horrors' Film Fest. From the moment the film was selected the guys that run it (Steve and Gord) were in touch and were really genuine and enthusiastic, the made me feel very welcome... and seemed to like my film!!!
    I hope to stay in touch and I hope to actually attend, in the flesh, a future Bonebat fest.
    Thank you guys, you're the best
    I hope to stay in touch and I hope to actually attend, in the flesh, a future Bonebat fest.
    Thank you guys, you're the best

    May 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you, for sharing your amazing film, Kieran! Hope to meet you at next year's fest!

  • Izzy Lee

    I haven't been able to attend, but it's always a delight to play this festival!

    May 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much, Izzy! We love your work, and it was awesome to hear our audience quote your film all evening!

  • Kim Douthit

    Absolutely amazing and fantastic experience! Everyone involved with the festival is kind and professional. They created an inviting and supportive environment for all the filmmakers. Great fun! Highly recommend!

    May 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you, Kim, and congrats again on your amazing evening!

  • Daniel Hickey

    The Bonebat Film fest is always amazing. I couldn't make it this year but our cast and crew attended and had a blast. The organizers (Steve and Gord) are super communicative, friendly, enthusiastic and love twist horror comedy films. Also deeply appreciative of how supportive they are of the local film scene. And the films they choose are uniformly excellent. Submit your film and if you get a chance, you should definitely go.

    May 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you, Dan!