On any given summer day, the iconic Bondi Beach is filled with a diverse range of beachgoers and traveler's from all over the world. Each with their own unique stories and view of the world. Amongst the multicultural success story which is Sydney, Bondi Beach sits as a place one can catch their breath, feel the warmth of sun and observe the beauty of life. Bondi Screenplay competition invites diverse voices from all over the world to share their unique story with us. In return we wish to focus on and celebrate where all good stories start...with the writer.

Bondi Screenplay isn't after cookie-cutter scripts that conform to some arbitrary standard. We seek a vast array of unique, fresh, original ideas whether they be from this beautiful sun drenched island, or from across the sea.

*Thanks to our generous sponsor Virtual Pitchfest - every entrant will receive 1 VPF Pitch.

This seasons finalist will be read by guest judge Australian Producer Kate Separovich.

Grand Prize:
The winner will get their script turned into a professional Audible production. Keep it to yourself as a table read or publish it to Amazon Audible & Spotify for others to enjoy. This prize is valued at $1400 USD

Best Feature Screenplay 
The Bondi Wave D'ore Prize Package:
-The official Bondi Wave D'ore Laurels.
-10 Pitches on VPF.
-Your choice of any available Academy award-winning (or nominated) signed script from our shop.

Best TV Pilot: 
The Bondi FrothPrize Package:
-The official Bondi Froth Laurels.
-10 Pitches on VPF.
-Your choice of any available Academy award-winning (or nominated) signed script from our shop.

Best Short Screenplay:
The SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board)  Prize Package:
-The official Bondi SUP Laurels.
-5 Pitches on VPF.
-Your choice of any available Academy award-winning (or nominated) signed script from our shop - after the best TV pilot and Best Feature winners have made their selection.

All Entrants
-15% off any script in the shop.
Thanks to our official sponsor every entrant will receive 1 VPF pitch.

VPF, the platform for TV/Film professionals seeking scripts and writers to represent. With VPF, writers can submit Written Pitches to 500+ networks/studios, producers and agents with the assurance of a guaranteed response.

Entrants must be eighteen (18) years of age or older.
Submissions must be written in English.
Submissions must be in PDF format.
Submissions must be the original work of the writer(s), and all rights must be wholly owned by the writer(s).
Submissions are only accepted electronically through FilmFreeway.
The script cover page should include title, name, email, and phone number.
There is no limit to the number of projects you may submit.
Submissions must be no longer than 130 pages in length.
Submissions must be received on or before the deadline(s) and payment must be made in full at the time of submission.
Once a script has been submitted, we will not accept substitutions or revised drafts.
Entrants retain all rights to their work.
Professional writers and previous contest winners are eligible.
Judges, employees, and/or family members of Bondi Screenplay and/or its affiliates are not eligible.
Submissions that have been previously optioned, purchased, or produced are not eligible. If a submission becomes optioned, purchased, or goes into production between the time of submission and the end of the competition, the script will no longer be eligible.
Entry fees are non-refundable.
The Bondi International Screenplay Competition (And/or Judges) accept no liability whatsoever for any claims of damages, real or perceived, by any entrant as a result of their participation in the competition.
By entering the Bondi International Screenplay Competition, you hereby agree to join Bondi Screenplay newsletter - which will be used for notifications and occasional marketing. You may unsubscribe at anytime.
By entering the Bondi International Screenplay Competition, you hereby accept and agree upon these rules.
In regards to Virtual Pitchfest Pitches:-Award goes to single author (Primary entrant), e.g. 2 authors 1 script = Account is created for Primary Entrant and awarded.1 Prize per entrant, e.g. Top winner is also a finalist, semi, and quarter finalist = only 1 top prize. Multiple prizes to multiple entrant/scripts, e.g. if 1 author enters multiple scripts and wins in multiple categories = entrant gets multiple prizes.

Overall Rating
  • Stephen Wallace

    very brief, polite but inconsequential

    November 2023
  • Willie Hynd

    Excellent competition. Kept well informed of progress and enjoyed success.

    August 2023
  • Good communication and great support from the organiser.

    August 2023
  • Bondi Screenplay is a wonderful screenplay competition which provides its winners with valuable tools to help showcase their screenplays and hopefully propel them to the next phases of production.
    Thank you for choosing "Kapüy" as your Grand Prize 'Wave D'ore' Winner for Best Feature Screenplay 2023. I'm honored to have been awarded by this great competition!

    August 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Raul! It was such a great script all of our judges loved it. We're proud to be associated with this type of quality script and we can't wait to see where it ends up!

  • Joe Villanti

    Big shout out to the good people at Bondi Scriptwriting competition. Very professional and friendly in keeping me up to date with my submission. Feedback was to the point and helpful. Worth submitting to this competition.
    Joe Villanti

    August 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Joe, we appreciate that. You had a couple of really strong entries this year. Congrats on Black Mountain reaching the top 10!