Bolt is an innovative new screenplay competition from the creators of Barnstorm Fest. The rules are simple: Choose a prompt (see below). Write a 1-10 page screenplay based on the prompt. Then Barnstorm Media chooses the winner and makes your movie. You get to be the Executive Producer. Also, every submission receives feedback from the producers at Barnstorm Media.


Awards & Prizes

1st place: Barnstorm Media will produce the winning screenplay. The winner will be made the Executive Producer of the project and will work in collaboration with Barnstorm Media. Once the film is complete, the film will be entered into the film festival of the winner’s choice courtesy of Barnstorm Media.

2nd place receives $200.

3rd place receives $100.

Every submission receives feedback from the producers at Barnstorm Media.

Every submission receives a free subscription and free filmmaking classes from Videomaker Magazine.

Rules & Terms

The screenplay must be between 1-10 pages, not including the cover page.

The screenplay does not need to begin with a prompt but must include at least one prompt in some way, at some point.

You may submit as many entries based on as many prompts as you'd like.

You may use more than one prompt if you like.

The screenplay must be set in the present day.

The screenplay must be live action, no animation.

The rest is up to you and your imagination.

The ten prompts:

A homeless vet opens a lemonade stand.

The sun doesn’t set.

A character plays darts alone at a bar.

A couple wakes up from a night of camping to discover all their supplies are gone.

A character throws a child-sized blanket in the trash.

A piece of drift wood in a mailbox.

A letter slides under a door.

A family photograph falls off the wall.

A character sits on a park bench eating peanuts, tossing the shells to the ground.

A character hears a knock at the front door, as they approach the door they realize the knock is coming from the floor.

Festival Rules

1. Screenplays must be in English, formatted to industry standards and submitted as PDFs.
2. Scripts submitted to the competition must NOT have been previously optioned, purchased or produced at the time of entry.
3. Barnstorm's competition decisions are final.
4. In the event of multiple writers, list all additional co-writers on title page. Please NOTE: Barnstorm divides awards equally among co-writers.
5. The final decisions, whether creative or financial, regarding the creation of the film for the winning screenplay are at the full discretion of Barnstorm Media. The timing and date of completion of the film is also at the full discretion of Barnstorm Media.

Terms & Conditions

I have read all of Barnstorm Fest’s rules and regulations. I understand and have complied with these rules.

I understand that failure to adhere to Bolt by Barnstorm Fest’s rules will result in disqualification.

I am the sole owner and author of the submitted material.

Furthermore, I indemnify Bolt by Barnstorm Fest, its affiliates, sponsors and judges of and from any and all claims, loss or liability that may be asserted against you or incurred by you or any associates, at any time in connection with said material.

If chosen as an AWARD winner, I give Bolt by Barnstorm Fest a Non-exclusive, Worldwide, Royalty Free license to use excerpts of my media and biographical information for advertising or promotional purposes, including, without limitation, the right of display, reproduction, and distribution on or its social media outlets.