Bologna in Lettere - International Multidisciplinary festival - 10th (June 2021 - October 2022)
Bologna in Lettere is a literary-based Multidisciplinary Festival which for the past three years has obtained the status of internationality, proposing more than a hundred artists from about forty nations. It has reached its 10th edition, and on the occasion of this anniversary it will propose a special edition from June 2021 to October 2022 with many new features compared to the traditional structure. The Festival was born from a previous project called "Necessary Literature", active for almost 3 years, and which was aimed at eliminating territorial barriers by creating multimedia events throughout the national territory. The main idea was based on the principle of aggregation, a principle which was then taken to the extreme limits by Bologna in Lettere which in 9 editions involved more than 1500 authors from various backgrounds: poets, writers, critics, philosophers, video artists, musicians, performers, and also publishers, magazines, literary blogs and various online newspapers. Among other things, over the years it has produced monographic volumes dedicated to Emilio Villa, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Amelia Rosselli, Antonin Artaud. It includes in his staff: Enzo Campi (Artistic Director), Mario Sboarina, Enea Roversi, Martina Campi, Francesca Del Moro, Alessandro Brusa, Serenella Gatti Linares; and has a large group of collaborators (critics, jurors, translators, curators, etc.) including Daniela Rossi, Sonia Caporossi, Daniele Barbieri, Maria Korporal, Marisol Bohorquez Godoy, Vincenzo Bagnoli, Dimitri Ruggeri. The theme of the tenth anniversary is contained in the proposition: "BABEL states of alteration", because we will work mainly on languages ​​and on alteration states (not only linguistic, but also visual, auditory, mental, political, economic, etc.) with a substantial involvement of authors from all over the world and with the creation of a thematic multilingual anthology. Do not forget the eighth edition of the Bologna Literature Prize structured in 5 different sections, including the newly created section dedicated to video-poetry.


Only one videopoetry for author

Age of the author of the video: over 18 years old

Duration of the video: minimum 1 minute, maximum 10 minutes

Date of production : after 01/01/2016

Language: Italian and English. Other languages: Italian or English subtitles are required.

Fee: €10

Deadline: 15 December 2021

The text in the video can be read, performed or put as subtitle.
Please don't sent slideshow of photos with subtitles.


1st classified: €500


The participant declares to be the author of the poetic text and the holder of all the copyrights of the video and the term of use (images, text, music, etc.). He authorizes the organization to use the video for promotional and no-profit, informative, educational, journalistic, cultural purposes. If the video contains, text, music etc. of third parts, the participant is obliged to inform to the organization by sending a specific declaration that authorize to use the work. The rights of the videos belong to theindividual authors that, with the participation to the prize, authorize the screening of the video during the final night and during all the next events joined to the prize.

The participant agree entirely with the rules and declares that the video is original and authentic. In any case, the organization has no responsabilities for unauthorized use of the video covered by copyright.

The participant declares to authorize the organization, in accordance with the current legislation on privacy, to process the personal data and to use the information sent for all the purposes related to the competition and the connected events.

Overall Rating
  • Maria Mihaylova

    We are so very thankful to the festival Bologna in Lettere for the recognition and award. It has been a great opportunity to meet other artists who make videopoetry.

    June 2022
  • I am so glad to be selected "I MISS YOU WHY" as a semi-finalist, in this great Festival, thank you so much! My best wishes to the team

    June 2022
  • Honoured that my video poem ‘Seismic’ was a semi-finalist at this prestigious and extremely well-organized event. My thanks to everyone involved.

    June 2022