Boden International Film Festival showcasing Documentaries, Feature and Shorts films.

Our goal is to showcase films from around the world and Grant Awards to the best nominees at our yearly festival.

The Boden International Film Festival strongly believes to support independent movies from all over the world.

The annual event of Boden International Film festival will be one week long, there will be films premieres at Bio and as well as at the various associations based in Boden Municipality.

Monthly winners will be screened at the annual event of Boden International Film festival at SAGA Biograf in Boden, and as a monthly winner, you will be welcome to attend our annual festival with the possibility of Q&A with our audience. 

International Award winners 2020

The Flame You Keep
Best Music Video

Always Keep Positive
Best Actress

The Subject
Best Actor

Best Director

Between heaven and hell
Best Swedish Shot Documentary

Best Swedish Short Film

Best Swedish Feature Film

Metal Detector
Best Firstime Filmmaker

When All That's Left is Love
First-time Filmmaker/ Documentary

Love is not Love
Best Feature Film

Expedition Niger - Real Africa
Best Feature Documentary

The Khe Sanh Peace Garden
Best Short Documentary

Best Short Film

1) All film submissions to the Boden International Film Festival will be reviewed by a minimum of 3 members of our selection committee,

2) Foreign language films must contain English subtitles for consideration.

3) Swedish film does not need subtitles, but it's even better if it has English subtitling.

4) If selected, the Boden International Film Festival is not responsible for any damage to the print or media material en route or otherwise during the course of the festival's possession of the film.

5) If selected, the Boden International Film Festival has the authority to use stills, posters, titles, or any information from the submission materials for promotional purposes.

6) If selected, you will be guaranteed at least one screening of your film, however, the Boden International Film Festival has no obligation to provide a screening fee.

7) By submitting your film, you declare you have full authority to submit your film to the Boden Film Festival, and you have cleared all rights to use the music in the entered work.

8) Showtime and venue scheduling is at the discretion of the Boden International Film Festival and is subject to change without notice.

9) All filmmakers will be notified of acceptance status no later than April 10th, 2021.

Overall Rating
  • Colette Brown

    We were thrilled to have been selected as a finalist.
    What a joy to have our film screened .Thank you

    October 2021
  • Great festival headed by skilled persons. Highly recommended to submit films. Wonderful experience to be a part of the festival...

    October 2021
  • Joey_ s_World

    Thank you so much for the awarding our Film Lost Trauma!! We are super happy for the recognition!! Great festival en great communication!!

    October 2021
  • Marios Papageorgiou

    We are honored by Boden International Film Festival for selecting our short film "Shadows of the World" as a finalist.

    October 2021
  • Excellent collaboration and communication in this beautiful festival. thanks for selecting

    October 2021