BlueSky is a monthly international film festival created for film professionals and amateurs. Our festival is designed to draw public attention to young directors and screenwriters who create masterpieces of genre cinema. We are dedicated to promoting creativity, expression and innovation in the film industry.

Our mission is to create a place where both experienced and emerging genre filmmakers can attract an audience to their work, showcase their skills, and receive feedback from our jury team.

Every month our team searches for new filmmakers from different countries and genres and shares their creations with an audience of passionate film fans. We evaluate a lot of works every day and try to find the newest, freshest and most unusual ones.

Each winning film will be featured on our website and social media pages, as well as eligible to participate in the annual festival for the best work.

Monthly Awards:
Best Science Fiction Film
Best Short Science Fiction Film
Best Horror Film
Best Short Horror Film
Best Detective Film
Best Short Detective Film
Best Film Noir
Best Short Film Noir
Best Western Film
Best Western Short Film
Best Fantasy Film
Best Short Fantasy Film
Best Dramatic Film
Best Short Dramatic Film
Best Comedy Film
Best Short Comedy Film
Best Animated Film
Best Animated Short Film
Best Documentary
Best Short Documentary
Best War Film
Best Short Military Film
Best LGBTQ+ Film
Best Female Film
Best Acting
Best Directing
Best Costume Work
Best Musical Accompaniment
Best Cinematography
Best Virtual Reality or 360 film
Best Short Film Screenplay
Best Screenplay
Best Student Work
Best Photography

All genres are accepted.

Terms and conditions of participation in the festival.

1) The films must include English subtitles (unless the spoken language is English).

2) When you present a film to BlueSky festival, it means that all the rights and copyrights are at your disposal

3) By sending the film to BlueSky festival, you give us the permission to use the material and contents of your film for advertising.

4) It is possible to send the film for several categories and in this case your film will be judged in each category.

5) By submitting to BlueSky you give festival permission to live screen your film in year-round programme, if your film will be the best of monthly round.

6) In accordance with the BlueSky policy, the entry fee is non-refundable.

7) Festival have rights to change the Date and Place of event

Overall Rating
  • Thank you for selecting “Enter the Room” as an award winner at your festival. The communication was clear and concise and I received everything that I hoped for from this festival. Overall, I had a very good experience and will definitely consider submitting future projects to BlueSky Film&Music Festival.

    January 2023
  • Peter Landry

    Honored to have been chosen for the "Best Animated Short Film" award!
    Thank you, I wish continued success to your festival and best of luck to all future participants.

    January 2023
  • Robert "Johnny" Hovorka

    Great festival! We were so thankful that you all enjoyed our film, “The 12th Letter” and its theme song, “Turn the Tide”! 🎉

    December 2022
  • Alison McDonnell

    A fabulous festival! Great communication and feedback. I feel very honored that my script won an award for Best Short Film screenplay. Thank you for the recognition.

    December 2022
  • aiko komeda

    Thank you very much for adopting my film "Onii (Bro)".
    I was very touched and moved by the message from the organizer. Even though you live in different countries, you were able to convey the message of your work. I felt it was the best film festival.
    I'll keep on creating and doing my best!

    December 2022