Founded in 2019, Blue Planet is China’s 1st sci-fi-themed film festival and an all-embracing cultural event that crosses boundaries and opens new frontier. It is held annually in Niushoushan, Nanjing of China's Jiangsu province, and has by far attracted over 3,800 works from more than 130 countries around the world.

Blue Planet boasts a galaxy of prominent sci-fi writers and filmmakers as well as science educators and innovators, such as Honorary Chairman of the 1st Blue Planet jury Mr. Liu Cixin, the author of the "Three Bodies" and the juror for three consecutive years, Mr. Wang Hongwei, the producer of The Wandering Earth.

Beside competition sections and screenings, a number of forums, masterclasses and cross-sector dialogues are held during the film festival, bringing global sci-fi creators and industry experts to discuss the most cutting-edge and concerned issues ranging from sci-fi filmmaking development to the future of human society. Exhibition and market are also staged on the side of the film festival to provide general public with an opportunity to experience science and technology in film in an immersive and interactive way.

By far, the Blue Planet has established partnerships with several renowned international sci-fi film festivals, such as London Sci-fi Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival in UK, Sitges International Film Festival from Spain, Boston Sci-fi Film Festival, and Berlin Sci-fi Film Festival.

Blue Planet Sci-Fi Film Festival Main competition -
Best Sci-Fi Feature Film
Best Sci-Fi Director
Best Sci-Fi Screenplay
Best Sci-Fi Animation
Best Sci-Fi Actor & Actress
Best Sci-Fi Conceptual Design
Best Visual Effect
Best Sci-Fi Short Film
Best Sci-Fi Short Animation
Best Sci-Fi Series

Blue Planet Sci-Fi Film Festival "Supernova" competition -
"Supernova" Director
"Supernova" Screenplay
"Supernova" Actor
"Supernova" Conceptual Design
"Supernova" Sci-Fi Visual Effect
Star Award (based on audience votes)

1. The submitted films/series need to be those that are produced between October 2021 and October 2023.
2. Selected works must comply with relevant laws People's Republic of China
3. Applicants must be the legal owner of the submitted work, hold relevant copyrights and assume the corresponding legal responsibilities.
4. Artists will retain the copyright of all works, but the organizing committee enjoys the right to use selected works free of charge during the festival period for screening, broadcast, or art education-related events.
5. The festival is not responsible for the loss or damage of submitted materials caused by unavoidable factors during the mailing process.
6. The organizer and the competition organizing committee reserve the right to final judgment in the competition.

Overall Rating
  • Pretty Magic Flying Koi

    Winning this festival has been massive for us! Being able to tell people that we won the most important science fiction film festival in all of China has had a major impact in our meetings with other entertainment professionals. We can't thank this festival's organizers and the grand jury enough for this incredible honor! They've changed our lives!

    December 2023
  • Thank you )
    It was a pleasure to join your festival this year again.

    January 2023
  • Naizabek Sydykov

    Очень хороший фестиваль, который даёт возможность показать свой фильм и высоко оценивают!!! Желаю дальнейшего процветания и интересных фильмов!!! Удачи!!!

    January 2023