About the Festival:

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Black Snapper International Film and Audio Festival—the first international student film and audio festival held in Australia, initiated by Macquarie University. Our student-run festival is dedicated to showcasing, fostering, and celebrating the talents of young, emerging filmmakers from diverse backgrounds. From empowering and thought-provoking narratives to whimsical and unconventional creations, we are excited to highlight the immense creativity of young storytellers on both local and global stages.

Our Commitment:

Black Snapper International Film Festival is proud to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we are situated, the Wallumattagal Clan of the Dharug Nation, whose rich cultures and customs have nurtured the land since time immemorial. We pay our respects to the Elders, past and present, and aim to create an inclusive and culturally sensitive platform for storytelling.

Audio Submissions:

We invite students to submit their exceptional audio creations to be part of our diverse showcase. Whether you're experimenting with storytelling or weaving captivating narratives we, we want to celebrate your audio talents.

Submission Categories:

Fiction Audio: Ignite the imagination with fictional narratives, radio dramas, and scripted podcasts that transport listeners into a world of creativity and storytelling.

Non-Fiction Audio: Explore real-life stories, challenges, and experiences through audio documentaries, investigative pieces, and informative podcasts that enlighten and engage your audience.

Best Fiction Audio: Celebrating the finest in fictional narratives, radio dramas, and scripted podcasts. The winner in this category will receive a minimum prize of $500, along with valuable gear to enhance their audio journey.

Best Non-Fiction Audio: Honoring outstanding storytelling in real-life stories, documentaries, investigative pieces, and informative podcasts. The winner in this category will receive a minimum prize of $500, along with essential gear to support their audio storytelling endeavors.

Special Recognitions: In addition to the best fiction and non-fiction awards, we will also grant special recognitions to select audio creations that demonstrate exceptional creativity and storytelling prowess. These special recognitions serve as a testament to the diversity of talent within our audio community.

General Information for Audio Submissions:

1.1 Submissions will be accepted until 23:59 AEST on 6th November 2023. We reserve the right to close the submission platform earlier, so don't wait until the last minute. Early submissions are encouraged.
1.2 By submitting, audio creators agree to allow their works to be included in promotional materials and publicity efforts by Black Snapper International Audio Festival, as well as its sponsors and partners.

Eligibility for Audio Submissions:

2.1 All audio pieces must have a total duration of between 5 and 40 minutes.
2.2 Audio works must be in English.
2.3 Production of audio works should not have commenced before January 2020.
2.4 Each audio creator can submit up to two works.
2.5 Submissions should be unique; revised versions of previously submitted works will not be considered.
2.6 For entrants under 16 years of age, submissions must be made through their school or with parental and/or guardian consent.
2.7 Audio works submitted must be produced by students.
2.8 'Student' is defined as individuals in full or part-time education at any age or those who graduated no earlier than 2020. Proof of student enrollment, such as a student ID, is required during submission.
2.9 Radio shows and Podcasts that consist primarily of news reporting, interviews and conversational episodes are not eligible.

Submission Procedure for Audio Creations:

3.1 All audio submissions must be made online through Black Snapper’s designated platform, providing all necessary information.
3.2 To submit your work, make sure under "Project Type", "VR / XR / Immersive" is selected
3.3 Entrants must specify the year in which their audio work was created.
3.4 Audio submissions should be categorized as fiction or non-fiction.
3.5 If selected, entrants will be requested to provide a media package containing elements for festival marketing. This includes a work synopsis, creator bios, FAQs, awards (if any), reviews, and technical details.
3.6 Audio submissions should adhere to the correct format to ensure proper screening. Non-compliant formats will not be considered.
3.7 Entries failing to meet Black Snapper's guidelines may be disqualified.

4. Judging for Audio Creations:

4.1 Upon submission, every audio work will undergo review by the Black Snapper Committee to ensure eligibility.
4.2 The Black Snapper Committee reserves the right to re-categorize submitted audio works into more suitable genres.
4.3 Audio works will be evaluated based on their excellence in creative execution.
4.4 Four nominees will be selected for each award category. From these, one winner will be chosen.