Black Film Fest ATL (BFF-ATL) is a niche market film festival held annually during the final week of Summer (3rd week in September) on the southside of Atlanta, Georgia. Founded by an award-winning independent Atlanta-based filmmaker, this non-profit organization serves as a conduit for feature films of multicultural diaspora and provides a creative environment where minority filmmakers can showcase their latest creations to diverse audiences in hopes of attracting reputable producers, sales agents, aggregators, and acquisition executives of movie studios, cable / tv networks, production companies, and streaming service platforms.

Aside from exhibiting non-studio produced films, the primary goal of Black Film Fest ATL (BFF-ATL) is to assist in the growth and the development of independent filmmakers seeking to further satisfy their creative prowess, thus earning the moniker “A Filmmaker’s Festival”. As such, the annual Black Film Fest ATL (BFF-ATL) hopes to attract talented new and experienced indie filmmakers along with an impressive network of film industry movers and shakers.

This year’s Black Film Fest ATL (BFF-ATL) takes place over 4 days in September during the final weekend of Summer (Thursday, Sept. 16 - Sunday, Sept. 19, 2021).

49 – Short Films
4 – Feature Films
2 – Networking Mixers
1 – Pool Party

This official “End of Summer” film festival features a host of fan favorite signature events as well as a few new activities premiering on Opening and Closing days.
(a) Moviemakers Mixer
(b) Movie Marathon
(c) Pitch Black
(d) Streaming Black
(e) BFF-ATL Awards aka "The Indies"

"The Indies" is an informal Awards Gala honoring the best talent (Lead and Supporting actor and actress) along with the best film (Feature and Short) screened in the Movie Marathon competition series of all indie films (Features and Shorts) showcasing in the festival. Each film, along with its leading and supporting cast, will be
considered for a “Best Award” during "The Indies" on Closing Day.

The following coveted awards will be presented to the winners:


In addition to these awards, all films selected into the festival will have the opportunity to be considered for distribution via our Streaming Service partners.

For SHORTS, we have a designated channel labeled as "BFF-ATL Movies" on a national streaming service platform that allows your short film exposure across the globe and not just in festivals.

For FEATURES, our Producer's Rep (via will submit your feature and negotiate the best deal for your film on a particular reputable Streaming Service platform via our newly formed partnership.


All film entries for the MOVIE MARATHON must meet the following:
(1) At least one Above-The-Line member (writer, producer, director, editor) must be an
African-American or of African descent
(2) Must be a completed short or feature length film. An episode for a series is also accepted. But no Works-In-Progress projects.
(3) Principal photography must have been done in the United States. Please list the
location (nearest major city) where the film was shot or which city it represents
(4) Dialogue must be translated in the English language


All films accepted into the Black Film Fest ATL (BFF-ATL) should currently be available for distribution via theatrical, cable/Pay TV, home video, and streaming services.

All filmmakers are held responsible for clearing all rights to the material in their film.
The filmmaker (individual or corporation) submitting the film hereby warrants that it is authorized to commit this film for screening, and understands and accepts these requirements and regulations.

The undersigned shall indemnify and hold harmless Black Film Fest ATL (BFF-ATL) from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.

Black Film Fest ATL (BFF-ATL) is hereby granted the right to utilize an excerpt from any film submitted and accepted for exhibition at the Festival for promotional purposes.

Overall Rating
  • Dimitri Mareno

    Had a great time networking! However I flew all the way from chicago to have my film apart of the competition, only to be told my film was “forgotten” to be added when they announced the competition catergories. After letting them know, they didn’t seem to care either. What a slap in the face to traveling filmmakers. Extremely disappointing. Do not submit here. TO THE RESPONSE: I have an email stating that I asking to have my film played & would be in attendance and even talked to the show runner on the last day screening so there is ABSOLUTELY no way they did not know I was still in attendance. I will 100% send that to anyone who needs proof so their lying on that. Yes, they worked on my DCP but that’s because I PAID to have that done, it was not done out the kindness of their hearts but because I paid for a job and they had to deliver. Their were no missing files in my DCP, the frame rate was just not compatible with the theater which is unfortunate and led to email asking for a Sunday showing. I tried to talk to you directly, the first was right by after the festival when I told you and you did NOTHING to even attempt to ease my mind. All I wanted was “I’m sorry” and I would’ve been totally fine but no, I didn’t even get that. I even sent you a text! No response, I emailed, no response. I have that proof if anyone would like that too, you can email me at for those one is mad about not winner but not being INCLUDED in any of the categories when they announced the competing films. Like I said I traveled all the way from chicago for this, am I’m not going to have you lie to all these filmmakers. When Leaving honest opinions young filmmakers should not be told to “grow up” when they did in fact reach out several times on different mediums without any response. the festival should just take the response in pride and try better for next year, this response alone should alert all of you that they are not professional at all.

    September 2021
    Response from festival:

    I'm sorry Mr. Mareno feels this way. He's still upset and letting his little emotions get in the way. What he failed to share is how we went around the room on the last day of the festival and asked if there was any filmmakers who wanted to get their films shown while still attendance, some for the second time. Everyone obliged but we never heard or ever saw Mr. Mareno say a word. So for the sake of time, we proceeded to the Awards ceremony. Unfortunately, Mr. Mareno's film was not selected as an Audience Choice Award finalists or winner. And now he's mad at the festival. He's also not sharing how my tech staff bent over backwards for long hours and on our dime in attempt to get his film into the theater via DCP even those his DCP came in with issues of missing files, etc. And the projectionist took the time to show him the film which came out miscolored and still allowed his film to play to a well attended audience. And I personally allowed Mr. Mareno to announce to the crowd that he had issues with his film but its the content to focus on. Furthermore, we gave him much time to talk on the mic to this crowd about this film and the process. Yet again, Mr. Mareno is unappreciative and bitter about not winning. Grow up young man and next time talk to me direct before crying to the public without telling the full story.