The Dallas Video Fest brings to North Texas the first film festival with movies shot only with mobile phones. The “Big D Mobile Phone Film Fest” will level the playing field for all amateur and professional film makers. Creative minds do not need fancy cameras and equipment to bring their stories to life. Have a phone that shoots video, write a script, make a movie, see it on the big screen.

Our goal is to provide a forum to the artistic community to write, shoot, edit and screen their own stories. The festival is open to students, amateur and professional film makers of all ages. Selected films will be screened at during a program at the 2015
Dallas Video Fest.
The short can be in any genre with no thematic restrictions (drama, comedy, documentary, experimental, music video...etc)

Best of Big D Mobile

RULE 1 Shoot your short film entirely on any smartphone that shoot HD video.
RULE 2 The short film MUST be an original production. It may not infringe on the copyright, trademark or other rights of any individual.
RULE 3 The length of the video can be 1 to 7 minutes. it may NOT EXCEED 7 minutes.
RULE 4 You may capture the audio in a separate audio recorder or use the audio from mobile device.
RULE 5 Send your short film files in full resolution using H.264 .mov (Quicktime) .
RULE 6 NO nudity, NO profanity, NO extreme violence and NO racist content is allowed. The videos will be screened at high schools.
RULE 7 You CANNOT use “Copyrighted Material” unless you have documentation to prove that you have legal authorization from the record label, artist, musicians, etc.

Overall Rating
  • So happy to be part of this wonderful festival, run by a very passionate and hard working Artistic Director! Highly recommended.

    November 2021
  • Janek Tarkowski

    It's a great festival! Due to the context, the festival went online this year and it was a real success! I was pleased to met Festival crew members and filmmakers from all around the world during a very interesting Q&A session. Thank you!

    April 2020
  • Cal Thacher

    Big D decided to go to a virtual festival, instead of postponing altogether. This worked out really well, as I got to meet other filmmakers and participate in a meaningful Q & A. Also, since it was streamed, my grandparents got to watch it. Thank you for supporting mobile filmmaking!

    April 2020
    Big d mobile phone square
    Response from festival:

    thank you so much - the q&a was a big hit