Our photos and award ceremony videos prove we have one of the most fun festivals in Florida! With well-known and highly respected guest speakers, Beyond does its' due diligence in the area of short and feature film, but this festival has puts emphasis on Writers and Actors and Directors!

WRITER'S TRACK- daily classes from professional writers for writers at any point in their career, plus a WRITER'S WORKSHOP where you can practice pitching your latest project.

ACTOR'S TRACK- daily classes from professional actors and acting coaches, plus ACTOR'S WORKSHOP offering an entire try-out, casting and filmed performance to use in your reel, plus the opportunity to win lots of prizes including free head-shots, reel editing, and networking with industry leaders.

DIRECTOR'S TRACK- daily classes from working directors offering their knowledge in the area of short and feature film, and a DIRECTOR'S WORKSHOP for distribution, pitch, and potential funding networking.

Due to venue size constraints, we will only show Short Films that advance to the Finals. No Full Length Feature Films will be shown unless a representative is present. Please contact us via email I you intend on coming!

Certificates will be presented to all winners who are in attendance, and digital certificates and laurels are available for those not in attendance (by request). You do not need to be an Official Selection to attend the festival. Each submission will undergo a process that includes the potential to advance to:
Quarter Finals
Semi-Finals (12 submissions will be chosen for this category)
Finals. (6 submissions will be chosen for this category)
Honorable Mention (4th)
3rd Place each category
2nd Place each category
1st Place each category

All submissions must contain family friendly material for audiences of all ages.
Topics should also be acceptable to an audience of all ages.
Excessive Language, exploitative nudity, and intense sexual situations in unneeded context will exclude the project from advancing.
Shorts should be from 1-50 minutes. Features over 50 minutes.
All scripts/screenplays must be written in proper film formatting (1 page = 1 minute). Incorrect formatting will exclude the project from advancing.

Overall Rating
  • Barbara West

    Awesome Film Festival! Highly recommend!

    May 2024
  • I want to thank the folks at Beyond Entertainment FFF for liking my script, Unbridled Hearts. Though I couldn't attend the festival, I was truly impressed by the clear and timely communications. Everything seemed professional and organized. Maybe next year I'll be in sunny Florida!

    October 2023
  • This festival provides writers of family-friendly entertainment a chance to learn, grow, and earn awards for their effort. The BEF team provided updates about a slight delay (due to a storm!) and yet still was on time with their notices. I appreciate the awards ceremony at the end of the weekend, too. It's a high-quality event that gives writers a chance with their work. I was thrilled to be among the finalists. Recommended! ⭐️

    October 2023

    Participating in the BEF3 was a truly enriching experience. The festival's commitment to celebrating family-oriented projects is commendable. I was honored to have my comedy short film, "banned from the tractor supply store," place 3rd in its category. BEF3's emphasis on nurturing talent, be it in writing, acting, or directing, stands out. The workshops and classes offered are invaluable, providing insights and learning opportunities. I appreciate the festival's dedication to promoting family-friendly content, ensuring enjoyment for audiences of all ages. Grateful for the recognition, I eagerly look forward to future editions of BEF3.

    September 2023
  • J & J Ranch Productions (Johnny & Jackie)

    Thank you, all, for putting this on. We couldn't make the trip but were able to watch the video on YouTube. I was so excited to see my recent screenplay, Walk With Me, nominated! Thank you all again so much!!!

    September 2023