Our photos and award ceremony videos prove we have one of the most fun festivals in Florida! With well-known and highly respected guest speakers, Beyond does its' due diligence in the area of short and feature film, but this festival has puts emphasis on Writers and Actors and Directors!

WRITER'S TRACK- daily classes from professionals writers for writers at any point in their career, plus a writer's showcase!

ACTOR'S TRACK- daily classes from professional actors and acting coaches, plus an entire try-out, casting and filmed performance to use in your reel, plus the opportunity to win lots of prizes including free head-shots, reel editing, and networking with industry leaders.

DIRECTOR'S TRACK- daily classes from working directors offering their knowledge in the area of short and feature film, plus distribution plans and advise.

Due to venue size constraints, we will only show Short Films that advance to the Finals. No Full Length Feature Films will be shown unless a representative is present.

Trophies will be presented to the first place winners (in the USA), with certificates handed to second and third places at our awards ceremony. Laurels are available for ALL entrants unable to attend in person but who have become official selections, semi-finalists, finalists and winners. This year, we will need to charge for mailing of your trophy. The trophy is free, but shipping costs have made it prohibitive to provide at no cost. Of course, the best way to get your trophy is to attend the festival in September! You do not need to be an Official Selection to attend the festival. Each submission will undergo a process that includes the potential to advance to:
Quarter Finals
Semi-Finals (12 submissions will be chosen for this category)
Finals. (6 submissions will be chosen for this category)
Honorable Mention
3rd Place
2nd Place
1st Place

All submissions must contain family friendly material for audiences of mixed ages.
Topics should also be acceptable to a multi-generational range.
Excessive Language, exploitive nudity, and intense sexual situations in unneeded context will exclude the project from advancing,
Shorts should be from 1-45 minutes
All scripts/screenplays must be written in proper film formatting (1 page = 1 minute). Incorrect formatting will exclude the project from advancing.

Overall Rating
  • Stefan Liner

    BEF3 was such a great experience! There aren't too many festivals for family adventure short films, so I was super excited when that was one of the categories at BEF3. I wasn't able to attend the festival in person, but the organizers were extremely nice and went over and beyond the call of duty to keep us all informed of our submissions status' even when they were in the middle of navigating a terrible hurricane the week prior to the event. Very professional and wonderful people!

    January 2023
  • Melissa Sheridan

    Literally the best festival I have been to. Scott and his team do a really great job of creating an authentic space for creators to grow in their craft. The panels, networking opportunities and classes they offer are worth the trip!

    November 2022
  • Sending this note of sincere gratitude to the BEF3 team for recognizing my screenplay as an Official Selection! Very much appreciated. And congratulations to all the contest winners!

    October 2022
  • A. S. Templeton

    Great folks. Next year, skip the hurricane!

    October 2022
  • Kim P Wells

    Beyond is the intimate type festival with a big feel. You'll walk away with valuable insights that inspire and increase your aptitude for all aspects of writing, acting or film. The humble and humorous Scott Branan has amazing intellectual wealth on screenwriting. The contest picks the right guests as well. Highly Recommend.

    October 2022